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The reporting solution from LucaNet provides you with support you can rely on, offering you evaluations and analyses of your financial processes. Our self-service solution gives you what you need as a professional to efficiently and transparently prepare relevant indicators such as cash flow, liquidity, and profitability within a single system, and to make these available to stakeholders in a timely manner.

By using LucaNet, relevant information is delivered to the right recipient, at the right time.

Data Mail Inc.: "The reporting capabilities are excellent and, in my opinion, the end result is world-class reporting capability."

Standout features of our reporting software

Reporting software must meet a range of specific requirements. 

  • Predefined reports and evaluations
  • Variance analyses, including traffic light function
  • Embedding of sparklines directly in value cells
  • Graphical comparisons (actual vs. planning figures)
  • Visualization of data in diagrams
  • Interactive analysis function
  • Management cockpit
  • Presentation of predefined and customizable indicators
  • Full Excel integration, including pivot tables
  • Open interfaces (e.g. XMLA, ODBO, MDX) for integration with existing report and analysis environments

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How the reporting function in LucaNet makes your job easier

Comprehensive view

Tailored to your specific needs, LucaNet provides standard and ad hoc reports for all components of a professional reporting system. Features such as comparative views, time series analyses, and exchange rate scenarios are included and are illustrated using graphics and sparklines.


LucaNet makes it possible for you to make changes to structures in a way that is flexible and straightforward, while presenting important data in a transparent manner and including KPIs and statistical information – all within a single, convenient system.

Excel integration

LucaNet offers full Excel integration for planning and reporting purposes. Use LucaNet.Excel-Add-In for interactive analysis and processing of data and LucaNet.Excel-Reporting to generate standard reports.

BI integration

LucaNet allows connections to other business analytics systems. Whether you’re using a BI tool such as QlikView, Tableau, or Microsoft Power BI, you can easily use the relevant data from LucaNet to present it in the BI tool of your choice.

Time savings

With LucaNet, you’ll reduce the manual effort you need to put into data collection and validation. You’ll finally be able to focus on the things that matter, like analyzing the data. You’ll become a respected business partner within your business.

Self-service solution

With LucaNet, the secret lies in self-service technology. As a professional user, you can administrate the system on your own and make all the adjustments independently. This is a plus for your IT department, since it will lighten their support workload.

Your pathway to reporting success:

Data collection
  • Collating and integrating the data
Data processing
  • Integrating the data in a central location
  • Mapping the data into standardized structures
  • Creating a consistent dataset for your reporting
Report preparation
  • Easy preparation of internal and external reports
  • Automatic completion of standard reports (in LucaNet via LucaNet.Excel-Add-In or LucaNet.Excel-Reporting)
Report dispatch
  • Dispatching of the reports you have generated to internal and external recipients
  • Providing easy access to internal reports within the business
    • Configurable permissions system with read access for particular sections and dimensions
    • Internal recipients of reports benefit from the system’s flexible and straightforward analysis options
Analysis and evaluation
  • Flexible ad hoc analysis of freely configurable comparative views, including graphic display
  • Input of comments – e.g. for deviating analyses
  • Transparent presentation of different detailed drill downs within the multidimensional database

Only LucaNet simplifies complexity

Comparison view with commenting function

  • Freely configurable views for the comparison of actual and planning figures, as well as figures for forecasts, scenarios, and previous years
  • A wide range of configuration options - e.g. sparklines and background-colored columns
  • Views are configured once and then are available for direct use in all structures/analyses in the system (e.g. balance sheet, P&L, indicators) 
  • Separate columns can be added for comments, e.g. to add details on deviations.

Comparison view with traffic light function and graphic

  • A traffic light function can be added to all comparison views.
  • Ad hoc graphics can be displayed for convenient visualization for all reports, various types of charts are available.
  • Graphics update dynamically when an item or the time horizon is changed

Management cockpit with indicators and drill down to segment level

  • Using the freely configurable management cockpit a workspace can be created that makes the most important information from all areas available at a glance. 
  • All analysis functions (e.g. views, comparisons, comments, graphics etc.) are available here as well.
  • Read access by the management team is exclusively limited to this workspace.

Reports at the push of a button

  • Our comprehensive Excel integration allows for the generation of standard reports with LucaNet.Excel-Reporting by the push of a button, directly from LucaNet.
  • The report templates can be configured as needed (in MS Excel) and then uploaded to LucaNet.
  • The templates can be used with full flexibility via the selected report parameters.

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