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Software for strong forecasts and scenarios

Many companies use complicated processes to generate their forecasts, often relying on tables that are susceptible to errors. The quality of their data suffers as a result, weakening the reliability and usefulness of their forecasts.

LucaNet enables you to create rolling interim or multi-annual forecasts based on a variety of parameters, virtually at the push of a button. The system uses a uniform data hub that allows you to easily compile and structure financial data from all your different departments.

The key features for forecasting and scenarios

Software for forecasting in business and creating scenarios must meet a range of specific requirements​:

  • Forecast wizards for developing detailed planning time series
  • Automatic generation of rolling projections
  • Transparent mapping of scenarios
  • Simple comparison, evaluation, and analysis of forecasts and scenarios using flexible views

How forecasting software can make your work easier

Automated forecasting

The software offers an easy way to derive (rolling) projections on the basis of existing planning. LucaNet helps you not only by making it easy to compile your actual and planning data at the forecast level, but also by adjusting your planning data to create forecast figures. This is achieved using the software’s built-in wizards.

Simple scenario creation

The software also enables you to create all the scenarios you want based on your existing planning, simply by modifying whichever parameters you need (e.g. sales increase, material usage rate, exchange rate, customer payment modalities). The greatest advantage of using LucaNet is its fully integrated data model, which allows you to see the effects of each change immediately in all the relevant areas – including the cash flow statement and the affected indicators.

Flexible comparisons

In LucaNet, all your (rolling) forecasts and scenarios are saved in separated planning data levels, making it easy to integrate them into the available comparison views. This gives you the flexibility and transparency you need for your analyses and allows you to “play around” with your financial data.

Only LucaNet simplifies complexity

Simple forecast generation in your profit and loss statement

  • Easily create a forecast that combines your actual and planning figures in your profit and loss statement. (Actual figures highlighted gray.)
Simple forecast generation in your profit and loss statement

Comparison and commenting of planning variations

  • The different planning variations (budget, forecasts, scenarios) can be compared and analyzed in freely configurable display modes. 
  • Difference columns with sparklines, a traffic light function, and a commenting function are also available. 
  • A comment can be added to each individual value or difference.
Comparison and commenting of planning variations

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