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Software that opens the door to unparalleled Financial Performance Management

Errors in consolidation, planning, and reporting? Financial data that requires tedious manual cleanup? Countless rounds of clarification for intercompany transactions? There's a better – and simpler – way forward: Financial Performance Management software from LucaNet.

Our intelligent FPM solutions can map your related processes in a single tool to offer you a complete overview of your finances. You’ll be able to automate all the steps involved and generate reliable figures, all while saving time thanks to a streamlined workflow.

Financial Performance Management - a one-stop shop for your figures

A single solution that offers everything for your financial data

Financial Performance Management brings transparency to your finances and provides an ideal basis for dependable creation of consolidated financial statements, clear financial planning, and consistent reporting. This will enable you to present a complete picture of your finances and make decisions regarding the future of your company on a sound foundation of information.

Simply intelligent: How LucaNet's FPM software can benefit you

A single point of truthManage all your financial processes in one place.
Harmonized corporate managementGain a holistic view of your financial data.
Maximum certaintyYou’ll benefit from certainty throughout the entire process of preparing consolidated financial statements, financial planning, and analysis and reporting.
100% traceabilityOur software will give you a comprehensive overview of your internal and external accounting – from figures in the past to actual data and financial forecasts.
Maximum automationStart working more efficiently with automated processes that will enable you to focus fully on your day-to-day business.
Detailed analysisIdentify specific action areas that will help you make continuous process improvements within your finance team.

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