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Software for data collection and validation

You can now collect and validate all your company data in a clear and structured way, using a single software solution. You have a perfectly clear view of the entire process and can significantly reduce the effort you put into coordination, thanks to the integrated automatic processes. Integrated, decentralized intercompany reconciliation enables decentralized reconciliation prior to consolidation and saves those involved at the parent company level from having to tediously search for discrepancies during consolidation, allowing you to be sure that your consolidation process will start with fully validated, reconciled, and consistent data.

We show you the benefits and features of our LucaNet.Group Report software.



LucaNet.Group Report makes it easy to set up the report layout for the collection of actual and planning data. The automated, decentralized IC reconciliation is possible on the level of group currency, transaction currency, or individual postings. Discrepancies can be clarified immediately by the reporting units. The validation rules and check routines can be defined centrally for all subsidiaries and modified individually for each reporting unit.

Reproducible numbers

The status monitor in LucaNet.Group Report delivers 100% transparency about the entire data collection and validation process – across all of the reporting units involved, giving you all of the material information needed for IC reconciliation.

Data transfer

With LucaNet.Group Report, you’ll benefit from automatic importing of data. Data collection can be handled manually or it can be automated; interfaces to LucaNet.Financial Warehouse and MS Excel are of course available to you. The entire importing process can be customized for each reporting unit – ensuring that LucaNet is always flexible even with heterogeneous system environments within the group.


With LucaNet.Group Report, you can take confidence in the fact that you’re using a software solution that is 100% secure. Data transfer for LucaNet.Group Report is completely web-based, meaning that e-mails with sensitive business data no longer need to be sent out.


LucaNet’s straightforward user interface makes it all possible: even if you’re not an IT expert, you can quickly get going on your own using the software, adding in your data using a customizable reporting interface.


LucaNet.Group Report lets you create individual reporting interfaces for decentralized data collection. Excel reporting packages can be completely replaced by web-based data collection.


Transparent collection and validation of data

  • Customisable report structure
  • Local data collection via the Web
  • Intercompany reconciliation of balance postings and single postings in the transaction currency, incl. clearing wizard
  • Automatically validates data to ensure completeness and consistency
  • Allows users to define individual audit routines


Workflow support

  • Process progress displayed transparently on the status monitor
  • Monitoring of the approval process
  • Documentation of content, processes and report structure
  • Export functions for further data processing
  • Automatic data transfer

All of the LucaNet.Group Report services can be found in our brochure.

Process data

Enter the items to be reported including intercompany service relationships in the transaction currency and down to the individual source document level. Rule violations and differences in intercompany reconciliation are already indicated at this stage.

Rule violations and differences in the intercompany reconciliation indicated

Intercompany reconciliation

If intercompany differences occur during data entry, the documents causing this are displayed separately. The responsible users can then address these differences.

Intercompany differences displayed separately

Data acquisition and intercompany reconciliation

Integrated task management provides a clear representation of the data entry and validation process and enables you to take immediate action if deadlines are not met.

Integrated task management for data entry and validation process

Source systems

Source systems

Data transfer can be performed using the LucaNet.Importer module's user-configurable MS Excel interfaces and a large number of preconfigured interfaces to all commonly used ERP and financial accounting systems.

Source systems overview

Customer success stories

Mark Pritchard, Data-Mail, Inc.

I’m very impressed with LucaNet as a product. (...) The reporting capabilities are excellent, and, in my opinion, the end result is world-class reporting capability.

Mark Pritchard

Chief Financial Officer
Data-Mail, Inc.

Case Study
Ralph Altena, Condor Flugdienst GmbH

Our working structures have been simplified in many respects since the introduction of LucaNet.

Ralph Altena

Head of Accounting
Condor Flugdienst GmbH

Case Study

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