LucaNet.Financial Consolidation
Software for consolidation and group controlling
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Software for consolidation and group controlling

Our certified, completely reliable consolidation software will guide you through the entire consolidation process. The intuitive operating interface and clear data model layout make every step of the consolidated financial statement preparation process simpler.

Our software for legal and management consolidation bundles our comprehensive experience and expertise on both the specialist and technical levels. This guarantees you an intelligent, sophisticated product that will make your consolidated financial statements audit-proof.

We will show you the benefits and features of our LucaNet.Financial Consolidation software.


Legal consolidation

  • Creation of consolidated financial statements on a monthly, quarterly and annual level, including:
    • Consolidated P&L statements
    • Consolidated balance sheets
    • Consolidated statements of cash flows
    • Disclosures
  • Parallel creation of consolidated financial statements according to German Commercial Code (HGB), IFRS, US-GAAP, etc.
  • Representation of any number of enterprises
  • Multi-level consolidation hierarchies (subgroups)
  • Representation of all consolidation steps (capital consolidation, income and expense consolidation, debt consolidation, elimination of intercompany profit and loss)
  • And much more

Reporting and analysis

  • Pre-defined reports and evaluations
  • Management cockpit
  • Full Excel integration
  • And much more

All the LucaNet.Financial Consolidation services can be found in our brochure.

Consolidation - Adjust group guidlines

The integrated workflow support guides all people involved through the consolidation process step-by-step.

Integrated workflow support for consolidation process
Individual financial statements in profit and loss account amounts

P&L (Total Cost Accounting) - Net sales

The individual financial statements are converted into the currency of the consolidated group and added up in the profit and loss account amounts. The consolidated profit and loss account is created by consolidation book entries.

Debt consolidation by pairs

Pairwise elimination of all factual circumstances within the group at the push of a button with our integrated consolidation wizard.

Integrated consolidation wizard


Simply reliable

LucaNet software is certified pursuant to the Institute of Auditors in Germany e.V. (IDW) audit standard PS 880 and is therefore compatible with all principles of proper accounting and control. Our certificates and awards

Simply connective

When it comes to importing data, not only is there a user-configurable MS Excel converter available, but the LucaNet.Importer module also provides a large number of ready-made interfaces to all commonly used ERP and financial accounting systems. This means all relevant data can be imported conveniently at the push of a button. Furthermore, data can be collected, validated and correlated on a decentralised basis via the web using the LucaNet.Group Report module.

Simply flexible

LucaNet.Financial Consolidation combines a standardised data model for preparing consolidated financial statements with the highest level of flexibility. In this way, all predefined structures can be adapted to the group‘s individual requirements at any time. .

Simply transparent

With LucaNet.Financial Consolidation, every value from the group through any sub-groups down to elements at company level and below can be traced down to document level with a few mouse clicks.  

Simply integrated data

With the LucaNet.Planner and LucaNet.Financial Consolidation modules, we connect the possibility of consolidating actual and planning figures in one and the same data model, in a uniform interface. With LucaNet, elaborate synchronization processes and data transfers including the risk of errors belong to the past.

Source systems

Source systems

Data transfer can be performed using the LucaNet.Importer software module's user-configurable MS Excel interfaces and a large number of ready-made interfaces to all commonly used ERP and financial accounting systems. What's more, the LucaNet.Group Report module can also be used to collect and validate data.

Source systems overview

Customer success stories

Uwe Lutz, Leica Camera AG

It is quite simple for us: Information provides clarity. Clarity provides transparency. And transparency is the basis for trust. Therefore we have opted out LucaNet.

Uwe Lutz

Head of Finance Department
Leica Camera AG

Case Study
Ulrich Leib, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH

LucaNet helps to create a profit and loss account, balance sheet and liquidity planning by ready-to-use planning forms at the push of a button.

Ulrich Leib

Head of Controlling
Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH

Case Study

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