LucaNet: Software for Corporate Performance Management

Allow us to introduce ourselves

Professional, customer-oriented and forward-thinking – these attributes sum up our expertise in the fields of consolidation, financial planning and financial controlling. This approach has enabled us to develop quickly and become a leading provider for Corporate Performance Management solutions since our establishment in 1999. Intuitive operation and the use of pioneering, innovative technology were our constant focal points while developing our fully integrated software for consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis. And as a global enterprise, we also have plenty of plans for the future. We want to revolutionise the market for business apps. And that's just the beginning!

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Our guiding principle

Our values define our focus

We are all united by a driving passion for accounting. This has led to the development of intelligent software solutions for consolidation, planning, reporting, analysis and electronic reporting to the German tax authority that have raised the bar for the entire industry. Thanks to our innovation, growth and unwavering focus on our customers, we have managed to establish ourselves as the leading provider in our field.

The needs of our customers and partners are at the centre of everything we do, and our approach is built on fairness, sustainability and interaction on a personal level. With innovative products and services, an efficient organisational structure and a management approach that sets store by clarity, trustworthiness and exemplary behaviour, we will shape the future together.

It's in our DNA

A burning desire for perfection and a passion for detail are our constant companions as we work to develop our software further every day. Technical and technological innovation are our top priorities – together with high quality standards, of course. We are creative lateral thinkers and, in searching for the best solutions for our customers, we call the status quo into question, along with its established solutions and concepts. We consider how the task really ought to be tackled. After all, just because something has always been done one way doesn't mean it's any good.

We have a mission

Our objective for the future is to continue deploying technological intelligence and an unerring instinct for trends so that we can actively shape the market for business applications and establish ourselves as the innovation leader that sets the standards for an entire industry.