Finally – IFRS 16 compliance

The lease accounting software in accordance with IFRS 16

Is your company heavily involved in leasing and facing the challenge of becoming IFRS 16 compliant? With LucaNet lease accounting software, this process could hardly be easier.

While the complexity of the new rules does make many things more difficult, our IFRS 16 leasing software is ready to handle just about everything in helping you implement all the necessary changes. Whether in restructuring or evaluating your lease contracts, implementing the constant monitoring IFRS 16 requires, or reconciling operating leases in line with this standard:  LucaNet software takes the stress out of making your lease accounting IFRS 16 compliant.

IFRS 16 - Lease Accounting

Have we piqued your interest in our software for IFRS 16-compliant lease accounting? If so, be sure to download the further information we offer on the subject.

What you need in a IFRS 16 software tool

Our reliable IFRS 16 lease accounting software is sure to be the right tool for you thanks to all the functions it offers, which include:

  • transparent reconciliation of operating leases in line with IFRS 16
  • calculation of lease contracts using the modified retrospective and full retrospective methods
  • automated remeasurements of lease liability
  • use of a standardized system, no add-on solutions required
  • simple and intuitive user interface
  • flexible ways to display contracts

An intelligent IFRS 16 leasing software:

How LucaNet can benefit you


Greater efficiency means having more time for other things. This is precisely what LucaNet's lease accounting software can give you in determining your right-of-use assets and lease liabilities. Based on all the relevant contract data, our IFRS 16 leasing tool carries out the necessary calculations each month and shows you the trends in right-of-use assets and lease liabilities over the entire lease term in question.


It's time to take control. Thanks to the clearly arranged formats in which the LucaNet IFRS 16 software can display your many lease contracts, you’ll be able to achieve greater transparency. Clear structuring of your contracts will lead to improved traceability, as well. Here, LucaNet enables you to break down all your IFRS 16 accounts based on freely definable criteria (an asset class, for example).


Why not make your life easier? The IFRS 16 software from LucaNet gives you a simple, intuitive and standardised way to enter your lease contracts, which will help you ensure consistency. You can start by importing your existing contracts into LucaNet lease accounting software using an Excel template.

Only LucaNet IFRS 16 software simplifies complexity

With the help of our software’s Excel template, you can enter a large number of lease contracts in LucaNet IFRS tool in a single import.

Trends in right-of-use assets and lease liabilities are displayed in separate tables for each contract over its entire term.

The reconciliation function enables you to automatically zero out lease expenses from the source system.

By making a breakdown of all the accounts generated by our lease accounting software by asset class, you can determine the disclosures required directly within LucaNet IFRS 16 tool.

software demo

Learn even more about our software for reliable IFRS 16 lease accounting software

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Customer testimonials

The LucaNet IFRS 16 tool is fantastic and has been really well thought out. With the excellent support of the LucaNet consultants, I went through it in just one and a half hours. The solution is really awesome and easy to use. We should have bought it earlier!

Elliott Matthew
Group Financial Controller