Speeding up financial consolidation

Financial consolidation is easy with professional software

Remember when financial statements took a lot of work and were still fraught with errors? You can now say goodbye to Excel and other time sinks and trust in software that reflects your financial mindset and approach. By helping you automate the entire process of creating flawless financial statements, LucaNet will reduce your workload and save you money – not to mention headaches!

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How to Consolidate the Financial Statement in a Relaxed Way

One solution with many applications for reliable financial statements

A streamlined approach to creating your consolidated financial statements

Simply more accurate

fewer data errors

Simply fast

reduction in time required for financial statements

Simply more transparent

traceable data

Simply intelligent: How LucaNet can benefit you

Rapid implementation

Our financial performance management solution makes virtually everything easier. Besides being a snap to implement, it offers an intuitive interface that your users will get the hang of in no time, even with limited IT skills. Plus, it just makes consolidation more fun!

By finance people, for finance people

LucaNet speaks your language. The entire logic behind the software is designed to cover all the professional requirements involved in efficient financial statement creation.

100% real-time

Need to update a figure? Go ahead – our software will handle the rest. Whenever you make a change, the effects are calculated and displayed in real time across the entire data model. For you, that means faster preparation of flawless consolidated financial statements.

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