Disclosure Management

Brochure "This time around, a flawless annual report"

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At many enterprises, the process of drawing up narrative and regulatory reports is time-consuming and error-prone. Put an end to the complex disclosure management task of piecing together a wide variety of different documents from various sources and generate consistent reports at the press of a button.

With SmartNotes by AMANA consulting GmbH, LucaNet is providing a professional solution for creating financial and annual reports. The combination of the two systems provides an automated solution that can help you with everything from generating your financial statements to publishing your annual reports.

Contents of this brochure:

  • Easy connection to all source systems
  • Direct LucaNet interface connection
  • Comprehensive MS Office integration
  • Several users can work on different parts of a report at the same time
  • Logging of all changes
  • Integrated XBRL processor
  • Multilingual report generation