Why spreadsheets cannot be the solution for consolidation

Success story ABL-TECHNIC

Just as demanding as their own customers, the finance team at ABL-TECHNIC was itself looking for software for reporting and consolidation processes. LucaNet meets all expectations with its individual and flexible solutions and was immediately able to provide improvements in data.

LucaNet is intelligent and straightforward. It has increased the quality of our data and has accelerated our reporting processes. Further advantages include more precise account mapping, IC reconciliation on an account basis and the centralised data warehouse. The complex data collection process with the determination of differences has been simplified.

Florian Birkenmaier
Controlling ABL-TECHNIC Entlackung GmbH

How ABL-TECHNIC uses LucaNet software:

  • Monthly reporting
  • Data collection for 20 companies
  • Account mapping, reconciliation on account basis and centralised data warehouse

About the company

ABL-TECHNIC is a market leader in the field of industrial paint stripping and has won over customers such as Daimler, Bosch, Renault, Siemens, Stihl and Kärcher with its innovative technologies and maximum process quality.

Use cases

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Industry :

Production / Industry

Core Business :

Paint stripping

Headquarter city :

Leutkirch/Allgäu (Germany)

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ABL-TECHNIC homepage

The challenge

Monthly reporting at the group level not feasible with Excel

Excel was the go-to tool for consolidation, planning and reporting for ABL-TECHNIC. Data from 23 plants in 14 countries and 20 companies were combined manually and in a convoluted process. For fear of errors that could creep into the figures, the data were also strenuously controlled. An impossible state of affairs when it comes to fast and efficient group reporting. A change of investor also brought with it heightened reporting requirements. Once compiled as consolidated quarterly reports, monthly reports for individual companies, regions and for the entire group needed to be prepared. Add to that the different languages, source systems currencies ... “We urgently needed a professional software solution,” explains Florian Birkenmaier, responsible for controlling at ABL-TECHNIC.

The solution

Real convenience for consolidation and reporting to the German tax authority

The LucaNet software was implemented within three months, relieved ABL-TECHNIC of time-consuming Excel tables, and created the basis for accelerated reporting processes with a unified data warehouse. All data from the various source systems could be mapped in a unified group structure, and plan and forecast models and uncomplicated plan/actual comparisons were also made possible. Due to the new reporting requirements, LucaNet also created adjusted balance sheet, P&L and cash flow structures.

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Even the entire consolidation process based on paired, account-related, and monthly IC reconciliation is only a few clicks away. “And all this with such complex data, proportionate consolidation, and minority interests," comments Florian Birkenmaier. But that's not all. LucaNet also made the electronic reporting to German tax authority much more convenient: The basis for data collection is the core taxonomy used. The system records balance sheet tax effects and adjustments just for the E-Bilanz. This includes, among other things, the breakdown of sales revenues according to the various types of sales tax. The corresponding adjustment postings for the taxonomy make the underlying posting journal transparent at all times. True convenience in data for ABL-TECHNIC!

How LucaNet software benefits ABL-TECHNIC

  • Convenient creation of plan/actual comparisons
  • Better data and acceleration of the reporting process
  • Straightforward operation and intelligent functions