The software architecture behind your FPM solution

With LucaNet, you can rely on a modern software architecture that successfully maps all your requirements in a future-oriented manner. As a multi-award winning provider of CPM software for Finance, we have developed a tool that automatically transfers data from various third-party systems neatly into our database while also making it equally easy for you to enter data in relational and multidimensional databases. Have the data played out flexibly via different front ends – depending on your requirements via LucaNet.Financial Client, LucaNet.Excel Add-In, or third-party systems. You can access your data on the go via LucaNet.Web Client. This way, you always have all company figures at hand, even when you are on the go.

Intelligent and impressive technology

Pioneering technology

Our software is based on the latest powerful technology, such as LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server and a multidimensional, in-memory database

Centralized user management

Access rights for all applications in the company are centrally managed by you – including the simple creation and removal of users

Security and flexibility

Additional security: Our data is encrypted via SSL during transmission. And with our password management, you can define company-specific guidelines for password assignment.

Easy and portable data access

You can literally call up financial reporting at the click of a button. You can flexibly visualize your data on your desktop, laptop, or tablet with the same ease.


You can implement all adaptations to changing requirements by yourself without any help from your IT department.

Simple integration

Thanks to its open system architecture, LucaNet can be seamlessly embedded in larger system landscapes.

One database, countless possibilities

The technological heart of our software is the LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server. The specialist OLAP database comes with a preconfigured, multidimensional data model for Financial Performance Management, allowing you to plan and consolidate in real-time (Realtime Financial OLAP). The data model is constantly being updated, so you can always see the effects of changes to the data, consolidation steps, or adjustments to the plan – at every level and in every period.

Another of the outstanding features on offer is the ready-made financial data warehouse. The software’s built-in financial accounting logic allows you to fully integrate your planning and legal consolidation without even the slightest format change. All of this helps to ensure that training and implementation times are kept to a minimum, while also providing an extraordinarily interactive and efficient working atmosphere.

How data transfer with LucaNet works

Secure user management

Do you need to give a large number of users controlled access to your financial data? And this should be done centrally while maintaining the highest security standards? LucaNet offers you exactly that: Our software features simple user management with support for centralized authentication methods from well-known identity providers, such as AzureAD or Okta. LucaNet supports OAUTH 2.0 and SAML 2.0 as logs and will also incorporate relevant additional procedures in the future.

This allows you to centralize user access management across all applications in your organization and simplifies user creation, removal, and password management.

LucaNet.Web Client – the front end of the future

With LucaNet.Web Client, LucaNet offers you real web access for your reportings. As a user, you can access your financial data from your tablet, laptop, or desktop and thus have a portable overview of your reports without having to install additional software.

The basis of the provided LucaNet.Web Client is LucaNet.Web Server. This delivers LucaNet.Web Client and provides the data from LucaNet.Financial Client to be displayed in the web browser. The Java framework used for this purpose combines proven technologies and standards for high-performance and stable operation. At the same time, we are building a foundation for future technological developments.