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The perfect data integration tool

A major challenge when it comes to introducing a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software for finance is the consolidation and standardization of business data from different sources. With our financial data integration tool, that’s no longer a problem: It makes transferring all your financial data fast, simple, and automatic. This will give you a basis of financial data you can trust – the ideal foundation for your CPM system.

Data Integration

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Your single point of truth

Our data integration software is sure to be the right tool thanks to all the functions it offers, which include:

  • Over 200 standard interfaces with ERP and financial accounting systems
  • Flexible interface to MS Excel
  • Direct access from third-party systems
  • Imports of all posting information (e.g. cost centers/cost units, partner codes, and transaction types)
  • Drill down to posting level
  • Status monitor for workflow support

Data connection and data transfer in LucaNet

With LucaNet data integration tool, you can easily import and automate your financial data from a wide variety of source systems.
LucaNet software offers over 200 standard interfaces to ERP and financial accounting systems plus direct access from third-party systems.

An intelligent data integration tool

How LucaNet software can benefit you

Importing posting information

With its preconfigured interfaces, this LucaNet data import software can transfer all your posting information (such as cost centers/cost units, partner codes, and transaction types) from the corresponding source systems.

Preconfigured interfaces

With over 200 preconfigured interfaces, our data integration tool offers a unique range of plug and play interfaces for a wide variety of ERP and financial accounting systems.

Data transformation

If necessary, data from the source system can be transformed during the import. A variety of transformation rules are available in LucaNet software for this process.

Highest level of transparency

With this LucaNet data integration software tool, you can trace your figures down to the last decimal place. Drilling down also enables you to track every posting down to the posting level, right down to the scanned posting document.

Maximum flexibility

In addition to the preconfigured interfaces, LucaNet data integration software also offers you a freely configurable interface with MS Excel and a converter for relational databases. You can also use it as an easy way of reading Excel reporting packages.

Automatic account allocation

Benefit from automatic account allocation in our data integration software, based on default or customizable charts of accounts.

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