Turning data into decisions

The right software for optimal financial planning

Do your plans lead to more questions than answers? Do they involve making a lot of manual entries in non-standardized documents that are rife with errors? It's time to make a change. With LucaNet, you’ll do more than plan your results – you’ll guide your company to a successful future!

Fit for financial planning

One solution with many applications for dependable planning

Optimize your financial planning

Simply more accurate

greater transparency

Simply more efficient

reduction in resource consumption

Simply faster

time saving

Simply intelligent: How LucaNet can benefit you

Rapid implementation

Integrating LucaNet into your day-to-day business is simple and doesn't take long at all. When it comes to your planning process, this means you can simply start working and focus on what really matters in planning and analysis.

By finance people, for finance people

LucaNet was designed to meet the particular needs of finance teams. Whether you need integrated financial planning, forecasting, scenario planning, or operative planning – LucaNet’s planning software will provide you with a comprehensive view of your financial data.

100% real-time

Need to adjust your original planning data? LucaNet automatically displays the effects on your results and liquidity as soon as you make changes. This offers you certainty and increases the accuracy and flexibility of your analyses.

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