The current role of CFOs and their challenges

Reliably growing as a company

Interviewing experts: In this exciting discussion during LucaNet Partner Day 2021, Rene Griemens, Chief Financial Officer at Volocopter GmbH, and Sebastian Hartmann, Chief Technology Strategist at KPMG, provide insights into the role of modern Chief Financial Officers (CFOs).

Learn more about the challenges modern CFOs encounter, why they are indispensable to a growing business, and how their requirements have changed in recent years. The 40-minute keynote video recording offers insights into how SaaS solutions can help businesses grow reliably.

Experts / Speakers:

Rene Griemens
Chief Financial Officer, Volocopter GmbH

Sebastian Hartmann
Chief Technology Strategist, KPMG

Elias Apel
Head of Channel, LucaNet AG