Expert panel: Digital Transformation in the Office of Finance

How digital transformation works

Digital transformation in the Office of Finance opens up considerable opportunities in terms of flexibility and transparency. However, the associated challenges are also big.

Our partner Ebner Stolz discusses with experts from TOPWERK GROUP and OBJECT CARPET the importance of digitizing the finance department and which factors are crucial for successful implementation in practice. Don't miss this:

  • Why is digital transformation necessary in the Office of Finance?
  • What problems does digital transformation solve and what needs to be considered during implementation?
  • How can LucaNet support the transformation process?

Look forward to 40 minutes of expert knowledge from practice for practice.

The experts

  • Torsten Janßen, Partner, Ebner Stolz
  • Michael Schneider, Partner, Ebner Stolz
  • Shan Liu, Senior Manager, TOPWERK GROUP
  • Marc Kaminski, CFO, OBJECT CARPET


Katharina Heymann
Channel Consultant, LucaNet