Simplify Your Reporting

Four pieces of wisdom for getting the best out of your reporting process

simplify your reporting white paper lucanet

Do you know the feeling? You’re an employee in Group Accounting and Controlling and have just completed the monthly or annual financial statements. But from all departments, you’re receiving requests for changes and revisions. This means you rapidly lose track of things and errors creep in because of the manual revisions you're making. The quality of the data suffers, and you’re forced to put in additional hours of overtime.

A forward-thinking finance professional will think: there has to be a more efficient way – a fast and secure solution for preparing internal and external reports. But what are the success factors for creating a reliable, rapid, and transparent reporting system?

Contents of this white paper

  • Insight 1: Create a standardized database.
  • Insight 2: Automate the entire reporting process.
  • Insight 3: Work together with your team.
  • Insight 4: Transform your figures into a meaningful and comprehensible story.
  • The solution: a professional software package for your reporting process
  • Case study:  Integrated reporting with the latest numbers becomes reality.
  • Make complex reporting tasks simple  – with LucaNet