Your Guide to Reliable Financial Reporting

Why you should start taking advantage of Financial Performance Management today

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These days, financial managers have to come up with answers in all manner of areas. Along with the usual questions regarding company financing and profit and loss statements, financial departments are increasingly being asked to provide information on their company's development, financial strategy, and risk management as a basis for operative and strategic business decisions. And that doesn't even cover all the financial and non-financial data companies will soon be required to disclose as part of their sustainability reporting.

In our new e-book, you’ll learn how to automate your financial reporting with Financial Performance Management and make it 100-percent dependable. It also includes some useful tips on implementing audit-compliant ESG reporting.

Content of the e-book:

  1. You should read this e-book if …
  2. The problem: Everything is evolving
  3. The solution: Financial Performance Management
  4. ESG reporting
  5. ESG: A challenge for companies
  6. ESG reporting checklist