Excellent Consulting – Restructuring projects with LucaNet

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Professional consulting services is your field of expertise. In order keep the focus on your core competencies you shouldn’t be hold up by Excel based process including manual, untransparent and error prone procedures. Especially within the scope of restructuring project you can leverage on the benefits of our certified, intuitive, and flexible software solution to enter the digital future of consulting.

Our customers already include numerous prestigious consulting firms. Let us show you how your business can leverage on the advantages and services of LucaNet in our on-demand webinar.

Group of participants

The event is aimed at consulting firms with focus on restricting projects


  • General overview
  • Data integration
  • Integrated financial planning, scenario planning and forecasts
  • Action planning
  • Evaluation, analysis, and reporting



Our on-demand webinar is available for you at any time.

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Tobias Stölkler
Tobias Stölkler
Senior Consultant Sales
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Melinda Musolli
Senior Marketing Coordinator