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Vamos a España: LucaNet ya está presente en Madrid
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Vamos a España: LucaNet ya está presente en Madrid

LucaNet, proveedor de Financial Performance Management, sigue creciendo de forma continuada. El día 1/9/2018, la nueva oficina en el Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid, se une a la familia de LucaNet. Tras la inauguración de la filial en España, LucaNet ya tiene presencia en 11 países diferentes. El madrileño Pedro Mardomingo estará a cargo de la dirección de la organización en España.

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LucaNet grows by 38%

LucaNet, a provider of software and consulting services for financial performance management, continued to enjoy rapid growth in the 2017 financial year. Having already recorded a 27% increase in sales in 2016, the LucaNet Group managed to surpass that result last year to the tune of 38%. Meanwhile, the 350 customers it gained in 2017 include prominent names such as Avira, Ernst & Young, and Wilco Farmers.

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Simply the best – LucaNet rated market leader in BARC Score for Financial Performance Management

LucaNet, the expert in financial performance management (FPM), has prevailed as a market leader for financial performance management solutions in the latest study from BARC. In the study, LucaNet stood out thanks to its very good market positioning and its comprehensive software suite. The suite covers all relevant processes in a finance department.

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Fast Track to Success: SEG Automotive Switches to LucaNet for Consolidated Financial Statements

Former division of Bosch using LucaNet software for consolidation, planning, and reporting: SEG Automotive Germany GmbH will be entrusting its consolidated financial statements to LucaNet from now on. Established as an independent company in early 2018, Bosch's former starter motors and generators division – which employs over 8,000 people at 16 locations around the world – is now using LucaNet software to optimize its financial processes.

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New Lünendonk study

Market for business intelligence and business analytics continues to grow – LucaNet heads up list of most successful enterprises based in Germany

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LucaNet further expands its business in the U.S.

The German corporate performance management software provider LucaNet is stepping up its North American activities by opening its own subsidiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Situated in the heart of the city, the office serves as a hub for all the company's business in the U.S. and Canada. Help will now be close at hand for the American companies previously served from Germany.

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LucaNet expands business relationship in the Middle East

LucaNet, provider of software and consulting services for corporate performance management, has entered into a sales partnership for the Middle East with Foresee Solutions. The Berlin enterprise is setting its foot in the MENA region for the first time.

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LucaNet continues on the road to success – a strong year in 2016

  • Sales up 27%
  • 270 new customers worldwide
  • New offices in Singapore and the USA

LucaNet, provider of software and consulting services for corporate performance management, continued to enjoy rapid growth in the 2016 financial year. The company generated another double-digit increase in sales, this time of an impressive 27%. With the opening of its own offices in Singapore and the USA, LucaNet remains focused on its plans for internationalisation and now boasts thirteen sites in nine countries.

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LucaNet and Sage – smooth integration thanks to their technological partnership

LucaNet, the provider of software and consulting services for Corporate Performance Management, and Sage GmbH, one of the leading enterprise solution providers, have entered into a comprehensive technological partnership. The partnership initially applies to Sage X3, the global ERP solution for midcaps, but should be quickly expanded to include other systems. Linking the two systems offers users a high-performance ERP system supplemented by the diverse options of LucaNet in the areas of analysis, reporting, planning and consolidated financial statements.

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LucaNet 10 optimises financial controlling

LucaNet sets new market standards

LucaNet AG, provider of software and consulting services for Financial Corporate Performance Management, has released a new version of its software for consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis. With LucaNet 10, the Berlin-based enterprise is launching an automated system that optimises all financial controlling processes and provides finance managers with all the information they need to make their decisions, more quickly and accurately than ever before. The release will introduce an array of new features to increase the efficiency of financial processes.

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