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Software for planning and controlling

Place your trust in software that is not beholden to a particular industry but rather covers all aspects of business planning. Say goodbye to traditional planning systems that are based mainly on Excel spreadsheets and non-standardized data and lay the foundations for professional financial controlling and integrated financial planning.

LucaNet’s planning software has earned top rankings in BARC The Planning Survey, and particularly impressed judges in the categories of data transfer, user friendliness, and performance. Because it’s based on a standardized system, LucaNet.Planner puts you in a position to automate your planning processes and manage these in a flexible way.

We show you the benefits and features of our LucaNet.Planner software.



Along with operational planning aspects, such as sales, project or HR planning, LucaNet.Planner automatically calculates the effects of these aspects on the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and liquidity.

Data transfer

LucaNet.Planner takes information from upstream databases as a basis, such as financial accounting, HR, and CRM systems. LucaNet offers interfaces that are immediately usable and standardized for around 200 source systems that can be easily modified or extended when necessary.


The data model behind LucaNet software has been tested in accordance with the IDW PS 880 auditing standard, with evaluations of P&L, balance sheet, cashflow, etc. and always remains internally consistent and valid.

Integrated forecasting

LucaNet supports users to develop detailed planned time-series using a range of forecast wizards. Scenarios and (rolling) projections can be derived on the basis of existing planning. These can be contrasted against each other and evaluated using flexible display options.

Self-service solution

LucaNet can be managed by professional users, completely independent of IT departments. This means your team of professionals is completely empowered to take action, ensuring that they can focus on what really matters – analyzing the most important planning data.


Bidirectional MS Excel integration with LucaNet.Planner guarantees users additional flexibility, whether with planning or with report preparation. If a consolidated view is needed within the context of a group, LucaNet.Planner can be expanded in a way that’s flexible with the LucaNet.Financial Consolidation module.


Planning and controlling

  • Automatic rule-based representation of integrated company planning (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow) from performance, investment, and financial planning
  • Dynamic planning on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
  • Sub-plans at cost center and/or cost unit level
  • Planning periods of any length
  • Plan reconciliation for actual balances
  • Scenarios and forecasts
  • Planning forms including business logic
  • And much more

Reporting and analysis

  • Graphical comparisons and diagrams
  • Predefined reports and evaluations
  • Management cockpit
  • Full Excel integration
  • And much more

All the LucaNet.Planner services can be found in our brochure.

Contribution Costing – Revenue

Graphic charts with sparklines and traffic lights ensure maximum information density without loss of clarity.

Graphic charts with sparklines and traffic-lights

Revenue including forecast wizards

Planning time series can be visualized graphically. Define a planning form as a task and assign it to a processor. Add comments to individual cells just like in MS Excel.

Visualisation of planning time series

Contra entry posting configurations for the P&L

LucaNet automatically generates the budgeted balance sheet and cash flow forecast from a planning time series.

Automatic creation of budgeted balance sheet and liquidity preview

Source systems

Source systems

Data transfer can be performed using the LucaNet.Importer software module's user-configurable MS Excel interfaces and a large number of preconfigured interfaces to all commonly used ERP and financial accounting systems. What's more, the LucaNet.Group Report module can also be used to collect and validate data.

Source systems overview

Customer success stories

Mark Pritchard, Data-Mail, Inc.

I’m very impressed with LucaNet as a product. (...) The reporting capabilities are excellent, and, in my opinion, the end result is world-class reporting capability.

Mark Pritchard

Chief Financial Officer
Data-Mail, Inc.

Case Study
Ralph Altena, Condor Flugdienst GmbH

Our working structures have been simplified in many respects since the introduction of LucaNet.

Ralph Altena

Head of Accounting
Condor Flugdienst GmbH

Case Study

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