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Fast software implementation in times of abrupt management changes

Success story Blueleaf energy Asia Pte Ltd

Due to the abrupt changes in the management and the business direction, LucaNet helped Blueleaf energy adapt to the new requirements and changes through automation of their financial business processes.

LucaNet came in and implemented fast, even faster than they proposed within time and budget. So that's for me the outstanding quality of LucaNet.

How Blueleaf energy uses LucaNet software:

  • Consolidation
  • Reporting

About the company

With 20 years of experience in the solar photovoltaics industry, Blueleaf energy is one of the region's largest downstream solar companies. Formerly known as Conergy, Blueleaf energy has formerly founded in Hamburg, Germany.

Use cases

Core business:
Solar energy systems
Singapore (Singapore)
Blueleaf energy homepage

The challenge

Dealing with last minute management change

At Blueleaf energy, financial consolidation has always been handled by the headquarters in Germany. However, in 2018, a last-minute management decision moved the entire consolidation function to its regionally finance office in Singapore. To cope with the change, Blueleaf energy had to source for a quick-to-implement, reliable solution to assist the team with this newfound responsibility.

blueleaf solar construction worker

The solution

Software up and running in 7 days

Blueleaf energy placed their trust in LucaNet to manage this time-sensitive project. With a holistic software and knowledgeable consultants, LucaNet wasted no time and spontaneously commenced the project implementation with Blueleaf energy. Leveraging on their financial knowledge and background, LucaNet consultants were able to build and customize functionalities according to the team’s needs. On top of that, the consultants were able to eliminate operational inefficient and streamline Blueleaf energy’s business processes to build an even more effective consolidation process. All of which was completed within 7 days – faster than the budgeted implementation time. Now, the team can carry out their consolidation duties at ease along with eliminate unnecessary versioning of Excel reports and collaboratively work on reports to perform meaningful analysis.

How LucaNet software benefits Blueleaf energy:

  • Fast implementation
  • Customised features to suit team's needs
  • Collaboratively work on a single platform

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