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Introduction of a software solution for consolidation, planning and reporting; consolidation of over 50 companies, transparent IC reconciliation, integration of planned P&L, cash flow and balance sheets; management of decentralised planning processes

LucaNet represents the top level of expertise in the field of accounting. The software covered all our requirements: the consolidation of over 50 companies, transparent IC reconciliation and the integration of planned P&L, cash flow and balance sheets. We have been able to make considerable improvements to our decentralised reporting system so that it now makes the relevant financial information available to everyone who needs it, quickly and securely. This will allow us to guide our health and care facilities towards a successful future and make good on our promise to be "closer to people".

Michael Baminger , Head of Controlling  SeneCura Kliniken- und HeimebetriebsgmbH
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About the company

Health, education and social care, management of care and assistance facilities
Vienna - Austria

The old ERP system for planning, consolidation and controlling was unable to keep up with the growth of Austria's market leader in the field of inpatient care. LucaNet facilitates the convenient consolidation of over 50 companies, transparent IC reconciliation and the integration of planned P&L, cash flow and balance sheets.

"Social warmth made financially friendly!" – with around 65 health and care facilities throughout Austria, SeneCura is the country's market leader and innovation pioneer in its field. The enterprise employs around 3,000 staff, and has made a name for itself with its alternative care packages and housing options for the elderly. SeneCura's portfolio includes dementia wards, intensive and appallic syndrome care, and in-house childcare facilities. It also offers services in the fields of neuro and psycho-rehabilitation, rehabilitative transitional care, outpatient services for physical medicine and dialysis centres, home care, 24-hour care and hospice assistance, as well as multi-generational homes and flats for assisted living.

Rapid growth with consequences for accounting

"Until now, we had been using a traditional ERP system for planning, controlling and consolidation. However, due to the expansion of our enterprise and the large number of companies that needed to be mapped (currently more than 50), this system had reached its limits. It was no longer possible to carry out simple consolidation or IC reconciliation tasks, and cross-company analyses were out of the question. The fact that we were unable to integrate planned profit and loss statements, cash flow or balance sheets was also highly inconvenient for us, as was the lack of a facility for mapping a decentralised budget process and reports. As a result of all this, we began looking for a software solution that would offer 100% coverage for these components. Our search led us to LucaNet," explained Michael Baminger, Head of Controlling at SeneCura Kliniken- und HeimebetriebsgmbH.

Quick to launch and highly efficient

Those involved in the project were particularly impressed with how quickly the software was implemented and how well it dovetailed with the source systems. The financial figures from the rs2 source system and the corresponding resident figures from the ESF software for care and resident documentation are imported easily and without errors. Excel reporting packages are also used.

Decentralised planning with efficient organisation

Around 40 staff are involved in SeneCura's decentralised planning, plus the site managers at each facility. LucaNet has been helping the care enterprise to map its plans for sales, personnel, investment, material costs and P&L. Most of the planning takes place at the company level, with some exceptions that are handled at cost centre level. SeneCura uses the incredibly useful LucaNet.Excel Integration tool.

"LucaNet has given us the ability to focus and guide our decentralised planning processes. We no longer need to send complex Excel spreadsheets around via e-mail; each site manager simply uploads their budget to the system. On top of that, we now have optimum integration for planned profit and loss statements, cash flow and balance sheets," reports Michael Baminger, speaking of the LucaNet optimisations.

Consolidation in accordance with Austrian law

SeneCura is consolidating in accordance with the Austrian Commercial Code, or öUGB. The consolidation will take place over several phases, with overseas sub-groups and minorities posing particular challenges. In order to make the process more efficient, SeneCura is using the consolidation wizards for paired and lump sum debt consolidation, expense and revenue consolidation and the elimination of intercompany profit and loss. In the areas of reporting and analysis, the enterprise benefits from clear results that use graphs and diagrams to illustrate the financial figures. This allows SeneCura to ensure that all its documentation is prepared professionally for the auditors.

Greater transparency for site managers

"We are making full use of the reporting options LucaNet has made available to us. For example, we can refer back to a wide range of commercial reports, but we also map extensive statistical data, such as the number of residents per care home and the levels of care they receive. The main factor that has improved our reporting process is the fact that we no longer need to send each report to the relevant site managers. That information is now bundled and made available online to all the relevant supervisors," says Michael Baminger.

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