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Implementation of a planning and consolidation software that convinces in the complex structures of the company through transparency and flexibility, replacement of Excel tables, implementation of decentralised reporting

As a medium-sized group in the industry automation sector with numerous domestic and foreign subsidiaries and second-tier subsidiaries, we are faced with very complex challenges. We need a project-based reporting system and a homogenous planning tool that can be controlled remotely by managers. Furthermore, we require a platform in order to consolidate the expected and actual dimensions of our subsidiaries and second-tier subsidiaries. It is a prerequisite in our group to be able to import data from financial accounting and ERP systems in an uncomplicated manner. In addition to this, LucaNet offers further tools, such as secure data storage at any time, synchronisation of expected and actual dimensions and quick availability of information. The specialist applications provided by LucaNet enjoy a high level of acceptance in management and from all external recipients.

Bernhard Ritschel , Head of Group Controlling  ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG

About the company

Industrial automation
Kolbermoor - Germany

Back in 2007, ROFA decided henceforth to rely on a database-based consolidation and planning software. The objective of this conversion was to replace the confusing Excel spread sheets that were in use in the company at the time with an integrated software solution. Furthermore, the problem of the increasing complexity in the financial sector was to be dealt with effectively.

The ROFA Group is a competent industry partner in the sectors of automation technology, materials handling technology, intralogistics and special-purpose engineering. ROFA has in the meantime become the market leader in the automotive manufacturing industry. Flexibility, quality and reliability have been the primary emphasis at the company for decades. In order to be able to meet the tougher competitive conditions on the market in the future as well, ROFA is pursuing a consistent international focus for its activities. The growth experienced as a consequence of this led to a situation where the previous solutions for consolidation and planning were no longer adequate.

As a medium-sized corporate group with a number of domestic and foreign subsidiaries and second-tier subsidiaries, ROFA's requirements with respect to the new software were very comprehensive. "We needed a software that would enable a real-time, uniform and internationally available model of the actual and planning figures – and this for all of the managers in the corporate group. It was particularly with respect to the scattered international production sites that LucaNet was able to convince with its numerous options for the evaluation of industry-specific key figures and for the consolidation of all of the individual companies at the Group level," declares Bernhard Ritschel, Head of Group Controlling at ROFA INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION AG.

Rapid and simple implementation

The transfer of the data from the source systems of the domestic and foreign companies was simple and rapid. As a result of the flexible interface with MS Excel, every single Excel file was able to be imported in a short time. The implementation of the information from the Navision source system was also problem-free.

Focus on the essential

The introduction of LucaNet at ROFA made it henceforth possible to model every conceivable key controlling figure. In order not to lose sight of the big picture, the company uses four core views in LucaNet. There the depictions of the key figures are clearly structured according to importance. Depending on information requirements, the data for planning, reporting and analysis can be reproduced in compressed form or at the document level via the drill down.

The integrated user rights management in LucaNet enables precise the definition of reading and writing rights by ROFA AG. "The user rights are clearly defined. The business managers have writing and reading rights for their companies and for the interests and investments subordinate to them. The Executive Board and Controlling have access rights to all companies. Reading rights were granted to special individuals, e.g. auditors," explains Ritschel. This means that a precise regulation exists to determine who in the Group can view which information. The allocation to the individual user groups is completed with just a few clicks.

Planning and Reporting at ROFA

The planning of business figures is decentralised. To accomplish this, each planning official fills in his or her expense and revenue planning and loan and investment planning on standardised forms. The transition to the planning balance sheet and cash flow statement takes place through individually configured accounting rules.
A special added value for ROFA: Each planning official has all of the analysis options immediately after the data have been input and the transition rules have been checked. P&L, balance sheet, cash flow statement and other key figures are immediately available for processing. It is particularly for the decentralised units of the company that LucaNet has provided a considerable improvement. Instead of working with individual Excel documents, a planning logic prevails that is uniform throughout the company. This makes the entire process more transparent, more secure and more efficient. The use of LucaNet has been met with great acceptance among management and among all of the decentralised units.

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