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Reederei Claus-Peter Offen (GmbH und Co.) KG


Roll out reliable software for consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis; replacing MS Excel
Jan Matthias Schulze, Reederei Claus-Peter Offen (GmbH und Co.) KG

LucaNet combines the two components of planning and consolidation in an intelligent manner. We value the software's clear operating structure and the ease of use which results from that. The data are updated daily and available rapidly. This means we don't have to spend as much time on compiling the data and have more time for the actual core task – analysing the data. Overall we have become much more efficient in our consolidation and planning.

Jan Matthias Schulze , Head of Controlling  Reederei Claus-Peter Offen (GmbH und Co.) KG
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About the company

Transport and logistics: Shipping company
Hamburg - Germany
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For the Claus-Peter Offen shipping company, rolling out LucaNet software proved a successful project. LucaNet's standard, non-industry-specific software provides a perfect solution for the special requirements of the maritime industry. Since rolling out the system, the Hamburg-based shipper has enjoyed more transparent and better-organised accounting.

Hamburg-based shipping company Reederei Claus-Peter Offen got started back in 1971 when a small cargo ship called the "Annie Hugo Stinnes" was auctioned. Today the firm is one of the world's largest providers of modern container ship tonnage. The shipping group's modern fleet consists of 91 container ships, 16 chemical and product tankers and four bulk carriers which sail around the world.

Greater clarity in consolidation and planning

The decision to implement professional financial software came upon realising that MS Excel was no longer adequate to ensure efficient and reliable consolidation and planning.

"What we love about LucaNet is how user-friendly and flexible the system is. Data can be transparently mapped, making it easier to understand and use. The ability to drill down to the individual posting level has proven highly practical," says Jan Matthias Schulze, Head of Controlling for Reederei Claus-Peter Offen,

which adopted the software after its usefulness was demonstrated in a live presentation and a series of follow-up workshops. The final decision then came without delay. Following internal conversion from Varial over to Navision SQL, LucaNet was flawlessly connected to the company's source systems, importing transaction figures and balances for every ledger account and data on cost centres, the statement of fixed assets and business partners.

Efficient consolidation under HGB accounting rules

The shipping company applies HGB (German GAAP) accounting rules for consolidation, having a complex corporate structure comprised of 48 fully consolidated companies, six sub-groups, 15 equity holdings and three partially consolidated companies. One advantage to LucaNet is that the software supports all consolidation methods. Integrated wizards make the company's consolidated accounting processes more efficient.

Intelligent tool for financial management

LucaNet software is versatile, providing the shipping giant a tool useful in day-to-day business for showing the consolidated financial statements, the latest budgeting and projections and reports on cash flow, equity, provisions, liabilities and fixed assets. The company utilises LucaNet Excel integration for planning, which enables quick-and-easy liquidity and P&L projections. Transparent comparisons of planning and actual figures and variance analyses can be generated in automated fashion with the push of a button.

"With LucaNet we are now optimally positioned. The software is flexible and extremely user-friendly to operate. When any questions come up, we simply contact our LucaNet consultant, who provides us outstanding technical and user support," says Jan Matthias Schulze, discussing the firm's successful deployment of LucaNet.

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