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We had very specific ideas about the new consolidation planning tool we wanted to implement. One requirement was the capability to produce reporting in accordance with US GAAP, while providing transparent display in the consolidation tool of deviations between local data and US GAAP books. The system additionally had to be capable of displaying our nine legally-independent companies and four different currencies. We found the right system in LucaNet: Connecting to the precursor systems BMD 5.5 and BMD NTCS was an interface programming challenge due to the internal period deviations (P13) and displays, however even these special desires were met. We can now automatically acquire from the precursor systems our profit and loss statements, as well as balance sheets, including capital and debt consolidation, as well as currency conversion, and can now display them with transparency and ease.

Michaela Groihs , Head of Accounting  Pressel Versand International GmbH
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