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introduction of a professional software for planning and analysis; data visualisation; creating planning scenarios
Christian Löffler, Karl Burger GmbH & Co. KG

Introducing a financial analysis and planning system at a medium-sized company in such a conservative industry as ours does not happen every day. LucaNet replaced inflexible, hardly legible and notoriously out-dated printed lists at our company. Daily updated financial information plus significant key numbers make it possible for us to create a powerful and proactive performance and liquidity analysis and planning. This went down well not only with our banks.

Christian Löffler , Managing Director  Karl Burger GmbH & Co. KG
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So far, the company analysis has been performed at BURGER Holzzentrum on the basis of printed lists generated by ERP system. The analysis was not clear and future planning could not be performed in this way. The company hoped that by adopting a planning software, it would be able not only to visualise data in an appealing way, but also to evaluate different planning scenarios for the future.

BURGER Holzzentrum has been offering all kinds of high quality wooden products since 1835. "In our quite volatile market which has been very tight in the recent years, it is extremely important to be able to respond fast to the changing factors", explains Christian Löffler, Managing Director at BURGER Holzzentrum. Therefore, we had to find a cost-effective software which could facilitate processing the data from the system, for the planning purposes, in a fast and reliable manner.

After an extensive market analysis the company opted out for LucaNet in 2007. Apart from the price, the convincing factors included a workshop conducted at the company and a descriptive on-site presentation performed by consultants.

New possibilities for planning

"LucaNet facilitates uncomplicated and fast handling of figures", says Mr Löffler to describe the advantages of the software. The planning scenarios like best, middle and worst case would also be reproduced clearly and fast. Changes to planned input data are automatically updated by LucaNet in the planned future according to once stored book entry rules. If, for example, an investment is planned, the software automatically deduces the consequences related to the liquidity and net income.

Moreover, since LucaNet provides full freedom of data presentation, a balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow statement can be presented at the push of a button, in the way they will be presented in the future after the assumptions are entered. Thereby, the book entry data can be confirmed with individually definable key numbers in different places. "We use them not only for our internal controlling, but also have the most crucial key figures, which form the basis for our rating at the local banks, always ready", Mr Löffler explains further.

The connection to source systems and ERP system also runs smoothly, because LucaNet fits standardised interfaces. After a short introduction all data can be imported by the user himself or herself. Due to ready-to-use standard interfaces to ERP system, there is no need to change the system here.

Simplified reporting

Due to the relatively small size of the company, the reporting at BURGER Holzzentrum is easy, but still not less important than for large companies. The financial management and Managing Director have a direct access to LucaNet. Where Excel lists were previously manually extracted for reporting from the accounting system, individual reports with the crucial key figures can now be generated any time, at the push of a button.

Reporting is addressed to both internal and external recipients. Thus, department managers receive individually abridged reports with all information every month. The banks obtain quarterly reports with a profit and loss account and account balance list from the accounting department, together with a written explanation. Planning is released only in special cases and only upon request.

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