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Introduction of a software solution for mapping the consolidated financial statements, cash flow statement and relevant indicators; consolidation in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations, system flexibility, integration of multiple source systems via specially developed interfaces
Ariste Baumberger, Honegger Holding AG

In our company, LucaNet has significantly simplified the coordination process in the area of consolidation, and impresses with transparency and traceability. The option of integrating multiple source systems and the expandability by developing special interfaces has proven outstanding. LucaNet's consulting is particularly high quality. The employees are absolute experts in their areas, which allows them to implement a wide range of aspects extremely efficiently.

Ariste Baumberger , Head of Central Services  Honegger Holding AG
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About the company

Miscellaneous services; facility management
Köniz - Switzerland
6.000 (worldwide)

Honegger AG, a leading Swiss facility management company, relies on the innovative LucaNet software solutions for consolidation, planning and reporting. By allowing integration of multiple source systems, the financial figures can be incorporated in the system reliably and are available rapidly both for transparent mapping of the consolidated financial statements and for reporting purposes.

"We are Switzerland" – The family company founded in 1948 is particularly proud of its Swiss tradition and has grown successfully into a modern building facility management service provider. Honegger AG now employs a staff of roughly 6,000 in 24 branches and subsidiaries in all three language regions of Switzerland. Its core competencies include administration and management of buildings, assets and facilities. As a result, objects, systems, processes and content must be made available constantly, kept functional and adapted to the respective requirements.

With the replacement of the previous ERP systems and the introduction of a new solution, Honegger AG also had to adapt the environment software it used, as the interfaces no longer worked. "Previously, we used MS Excel and MS Access. The main difficulties were the various interfaces which we could no longer master. As a result, we were searching for an accounting tool which provides the interfaces required and also offers an intuitive and simple user interface," reports Ariste Baumberger, Head of Central Services at Honegger AG. In LucaNet, the Swiss company found the ideal technical and specialised support system.

Flexible interface development

As part of the implementation project, LucaNet developed the interfaces to the Swiss ERP system Xpert.Line by Soreco and the Kendox DMS system required by Honegger AG rapidly and without problems. The standard interface to Navision is also used. This allows the Swiss company to import transaction figures and balances for each ledger account, cost centres and the IC drill down to into the system easily. In addition to this, users can view the corresponding posting document from the source systems for every transaction figure with just a click using the drill down. "Thanks to LucaNet's professional support, everything was optimal, which meant that the software was implemented rapidly and ready for use immediately," says Ariste Baumberger on the introduction of the software.

LucaNet ensures high data quality

Honegger AG is extremely happy with its choice of LucaNet. In many areas, the implementation of the system had an extremely positive effect. "LucaNet impresses us with an elaborate business logic. Changes to the master data of the source systems automatically force an adaptation in LucaNet. That gives us consistent data we can rely on. In addition to this, the receipt principle allows you to trace at all times who posted something at a given time. Incorrect postings can be cancelled easily with the corresponding write authorisations and the correct information can be entered," explains Ariste Baumberger.

Consolidation in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations

Honegger AG uses LucaNet to form the consolidated financial statements, the cash flow statement, relevant indicators and the asset, provision, equity and credit analysis.

The two-step consolidation in the company is implemented in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations. In order to automate the process, Honegger AG uses the wizard integrated in the software for debt, expense and revenue consolidation, which can be used both in pairs and generally. "Since we started producing the consolidated financial statements with LucaNet, we have benefited from greater transparency and traceability. The entire coordination process is simpler," according to Ariste Baumberger.

The LucaNet software reliably fulfils all requirements of the Swiss company. That is why it plans to expand the application. For example, all planning processes are also to be mapped with LucaNet in future.

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