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Rollout of software for planning, controlling and reporting; mapping annual planning, medium-term financial planning, liquidity planning and investment planning; integrated planning forms and wizards; acceleration of the planning and reporting process

The technical setup of the LucaNet software in our company really paid off. The implementation process was extremely fast; training was offered simultaneously by expert LucaNet consultants. LucaNet easily coped with the obstacles involved in introducing a new software solution. That allows us to use the new tool highly successfully for our controlling. All financial data is available and up-to-date; the necessary planning figures can be mapped quickly and easily as part of clear evaluations.

Roland Friederich, Head of Finances and Controlling, Deputy Managing Director familea
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About the company

Health, education and social affairs; social care establishment
Basel - Switzerland

As a non-profit-oriented social service organisation, familea needs reliable structures, economic and technical expertise in all areas to guarantee transparent and fair actions and behaviour. The LucaNet software offers familea great support in mapping all financial flows reliably and analysing them for controlling and planning purposes.

familea can look back on over 100 years of history, actively helping shape the social, family and economic lives of many people in Basel. With over 1,300 places in 28 nurseries, three children's homes and one foster family service, familea offers essential, stable and structural foundations which allow women, families, children and young people to develop independently. With a staff of over 600, familea is an important employer and an important training company in the region with approx. 120 trainee positions. As part of the targeted growth of the service outside the canton, familea will also develop into an important economic partner and make a significant contribution to the attractiveness of the location.

New requirements in planning

The previous planning process at familea required production of a detailed annual budget at a cost type and cost centre level in MS Excel. In addition to this, a five-year plan was also produced at a cost type group and cost centre group level. Each annual budget was imported into the ERP system and a target/actual analysis was performed. After the management board of familea decided to implement a new concept for cost accounting with the introduction of a new cost unit calculation, the time was right to roll out a new planning software.

LucaNet is the best solution

"After the 2013 annual financial statements, we started specifying requirements for a planning tool internally in March. The various providers were evaluated in April and May. Shortly afterwards, we chose LucaNet, which allowed us to install the software successfully as early as June," reports Roland Friederich, Head of Finance at Controlling at familea. "The ease of using the tool convinced us. As a non-profit organisation, we also pay particular attention to optimal value for money. LucaNet had everything we needed."

The data is imported from the ABACUS source system to LucaNet in a nightly transfer. That means up-to-date data is available every morning. This includes transaction figures for each ledger account, cost centre and cost unit. Links to the integrated asset accounting in ABACUS and the ABACUS document archive are also planned. As a result, just one click can take you from an account balance in LucaNet to the underlying posting documents of the source system and the scanned original invoices.

Planning process at familea

The Swiss non-profit company's planning incorporates a combined application of top-down and bottom-up method. "Based on the comprehensive parameters saved, such as the number and age of the children and the placement figures in the respective institutions, we can pass on specific budget figures to the lower departmental levels for verification. The figures are then analysed and returned with change requests, which are discussed together. Up to 60 employees are actively involved in the planning process," says Roland Friederich of the organisational procedure.

familea uses LucaNet to implement the annual planning, medium-term financial planning, liquidity planning and investment planning, whereby the cost centres and cost units are planned at the lowest level. A range of analyses can be produced with just a few clicks and various views can be incorporated. At the Swiss company, the integrated planning forms and wizards are proving particularly helpful, as is the automatic posting wizard for the cost centre allocations.

Simple report production

Using LucaNet reporting, familea maps the balance sheet, various operative accounts, the cash flow statement and the liquidity calculation. Evaluations for the annual report are produced in accordance with a Swiss GAAP FER. The drill down to the individual document level available in the software allows the financial data to be analysed and understood in even greater detail.

"Working with LucaNet has significantly increased efficiency in our company. Before introducing the software, we had to invest 80 man days in planning and controlling. With LucaNet, it now only takes 20 days. We have also seen a similar optimisation in reporting," according to Roland Friederich.

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