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Introduction of a professional software for integrated planning and controlling; faster and more flexible response to the changing general conditions
Simon Pless, Erler+Pless GmbH

We are very satisfied with our decision to select LucaNet. The software is really user-friendly and thought out with utmost precision!

Simon Pless , Managing Director  Erler+Pless GmbH
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large format graphic production
Hamburg - Germany

The stable growth and dynamic business environment in the large format graphic production industry were the factors which persuaded Erler+Pless to introduce an integrated planning and controlling tool, which could additionally be applied to their financial accounting software.

Erler+Pless has been a competent partner in traditional image editing and processing for over 40 years. IDuring this time, the company developed from the traditional specialist photo laboratory into the present full service provider.


However, the company was still short of a new planning and controlling software, which would correspond with its new size and versatility and would help to respond faster to the changing general conditions. After an intensive research which has finally helped them to reach their objective, they found a tool at LucaNet which fulfilled the requirements of easy operation, good value for money and long-term customer experience.

Simple data transfer from source systems

Apart from individually definable configuration of Excel files which could be directly imported, LucaNet facilitated an automatic import of financial data from all common ERP and financial accounting systems by many ready-to-use standard interfaces. Thus, the existing financial accounting systems were connected to LucaNet software by means of an appropriate converter without large technical effort and the files import was performed without errors and, first of all, automatically. Balances and transaction figures were imported on the basis of the company and cost centres. Thanks to the clear execution and competent professional consulting, Erler+Pless could conduct this procedure further by itself.

Integrated planning with just a few clicks

The dynamic business environment and its general conditions make it necessary to be able to reproduce planning data fast. Within this context, it is possible to present planning scenarios such as best, middle and worst case by LucaNet in an uncomplicated manner. This simple and fast scenario planning made everyday work life much easier for Erler+Pless. The initial planning is adjusted to the changing general conditions with just a few clicks, so that the consequences can be analysed in real time. Moreover, changes to planned input data can be automatically updated by LucaNet in the planned future according to once stored book entry rules.

With LucaNet, it is possible to implement planning both on the company and cost centres level, and additionally, monthly, quarterly and annual planning can be reproduced.

Simplified reporting processes

The issue of reporting occupies a very important place at Erler+Pless. The requirements set for the suitable software are explicitly covered by LucaNet in the course of the decision-making process. The software already contains ready-to-use standard reports for the professional presentation of reporting issues. What is particular about them: LucaNet does not differentiate between reports and analyses. Each standard report is originally interactive and thus, can be used as the starting point for any deeper analyses to the document level. Moreover, individual reports can be generated with corresponding and relevant key figures at the push of a button.

Fast introduction saves time and money

Erler+Pless is not only very satisfied with the functionalities of the software, but also perceives the consulting and training services as being "of very high quality". Simon Pless, Managing Director at Erler+Pless: "The short period of introducing the software also belongs to the great advantages of this product. Thus, we could save on costs and focus back on our daily business quickly."

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