Engel & Völkers gets their consolidated financial statements done in half the time

Engel & Völkers AG


Introduction of a financial software for accounting that would permit automated consolidation; user-friendliness; simple connection to SAP as well as integration of Excel reporting packages
Valentina Schröder, Engel & Völkers AG

I have known LucaNet for many years now and am happy to say that I can look back on a very successful cooperation. Both on the technical and professional side, LucaNet has been of great benefit to us. The time-consuming compilation of information for consolidated financial statements and reporting is now a thing of the past. High-quality data is the result. In this way, the future of Engel & Völkers stands on a solid and transparent financial footing.

Valentina Schröder , Head of Accounting and Taxes  Engel & Völkers AG
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Active as a worldwide service company, Engel & Völkers specializes in the brokerage of premium residential property, commercial real estate, and yachts. The time-laden preparation of the annual consolidated financial statements always used to be a cause for headaches. That is why the company set its sights on LucaNet. And it paid off. The work needed to put together consolidated financial statements now only takes half as long.


Engel & Völkers has been active in the brokerage of high-quality residential property and commercial real estate, land, and yachts since 1977 and operates in over 30 countries on four continents.


The challenge of making consolidated financial statements simple

Complicated administrative processes and the heavy time burden required to prepare the consolidated financial statements posed a problem for Engel & Völkers. "At Engel & Völkers, we have a total of 21 companies to include in the consolidation, ten of which operate abroad. It was therefore important for us to implement a standardized software system that could assist us in the consolidation process through its automation, thereby considerably simplifying the entire process. The user-friendliness of the tool provided by LucaNet is what distinguishes it the most. An intuitive user interface means that learning the ropes in the system is that much easier. Combining this starting position with the competent professionalism of our LucaNet consultant during implementation meant that we were able to return to our daily work quickly," reports Valentina Schröder, Head of Accounting and Taxes at Engel & Völkers.


Real time savings during consolidation

With LucaNet, the process of preparing consolidated financial statements was significantly simplified. It once took ten full workdays to grapple with all the steps in consolidation. Today, we only need five. "LucaNet’s outstanding results can be seen across many accounting areas. Data quality and consistency has increased enormously, as we do not have to enter the financial figures manually, for example. All the necessary information is available in a standardized system. And all users are kept up to speed simultaneously. This has made our process workflows more efficient." Valentina Schröder explains, citing the advantages of LucaNet.


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