How Condor’s finance team overcame increased demands from its group

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Introduction of a professional software package that meets the requirements of management consolidation and specific needs of the company for reporting and budget planning; replacement of Excel spreadsheets
Ralph Altena, Condor Flugdienst GmbH

Our job has become easier since we introduced LucaNet. We save a lot of time thanks to the solid analysis functions and the ease of importing data into SAP and Excel. We’re also impressed by the good value for money, the high degree of user friendliness, and the ability to carry customization almost entirely independently.

Ralph Altena , Head of Accounts  Condor Flugdienst GmbH
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About the company

Frankfurt / Main - Germany


The aviation industry is fiercely competitive, in Germany and around the world. This makes it even more important for Condor to have robust numbers that allow reliable conclusions to be drawn on the current and future situation. By using LucaNet, the Frankfurt-based holiday airline can consolidate more quickly and more reliably than before.


For more than six decades, Condor has flown holiday makers to sunny destinations. Founded in 1955 as Deutsche Flugdienst GmbH, the company is now a subsidiary of Thomas Cook AG.


Planning with Excel far too slow

Condor used to prepare only separate financial statements. Then its parent company’s reporting requirements changed. Condor now had to meet both the demands of management consolidation and company-specific needs for reporting and budget planning. On top of this, balance sheet planning, which had previously been handled using Excel, had become far too time-consuming and cumbersome. A new, better tool was needed.


How Condor overcame the new challenges

With LucaNet, Condor overcame the hurdles brought on by the new reporting requirements. Consolidation now takes place on a monthly basis. A specially developed Excel reporting tool makes it possible to generate all of the relevant information for the parent company at the touch of a button. Moreover, the format meets precisely the needs of the parent company to allow data to be imported into its own ERP system. Similar requirements apply to the planning, forecasts, and scenarios that the team prepares two to three times each year, with these being generated significantly faster by using LucaNet.

“It was important for us to use a software package that ensures full Excel integration (import and export), in addition to smooth data import from our own financial accounting source system. Ultimately, LucaNet was the only provider which could present everything in a single data model. We therefore quickly discarded the original idea of using two different software solutions for planning and consolidation. The exceptionally simple usability and traceability, and the resulting time savings have particular appeal for us”, explains Ralph Altena, Head of Accounting at Condor.


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