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In its role as a business partner, the controlling department is expected to initiate and manage strategically important processes and help other company divisions by providing advice on evaluating and interpreting financial data.

We will show you how a professional solution can help the controlling department to establish itself as a business partner for the enterprise's management team. Our main focus will be on the benefits for financial controllers who, thanks to a professional IT solution, can quickly and easily draw up decision-making templates for their management team. If you want to see how this kind of software can be used successfully in practice, take a look at our case studies.

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Benefits for financial controllers:

✓ Usability

Simple, intuitive operation means users do not need advanced IT skills to access all functions.

✓ Data transparency

Maximum transparency through traceability across several periods right down to individual source documents.

✓ Automated workflow

Simplified, automated financial controlling processes.

✓ Detailed analyses and reports

Extensive range of analysis and reporting tools, incl. traditional comparasion functions, time series analyses, and ad hoc charts to give you the full picture of how your business is doing.

Improve your workflows

As a financial controller, wide-ranging financial plans and analyses, complex budgets, financial statements, and management reports are all part of your standard workload. What we’ve found is that far too often these accounting processes are held up by numerous manual editing steps.

Raw data is usually inconsistent and first needs to go through preparation and validation. Often you are reliant on support from your IT department with processing financial data from a variety of data sources and source systems.

This greatly reduces the time you have to do the actual financial controlling: analyzing data and deriving appropriate recommendations and strategies.

LucaNet’s FPM solution makes everything more efficient and reliable. Our automated system optimizes your financial controlling processes and provides financial managers like you with all the information they need to make their decisions more quickly and accurately.

The tool is easy to use, enabling you to confidently make all the adjustments you need to prepare reports without relying on support from your IT department – which makes it much easier to keep to those deadlines. The LucaNet FPM solution makes your life easier, minimizing mistakes and allowing you to concentrate on your real job.

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Reliable and consistent data

Structured data with LucaNet
Structured data with LucaNet

Reliable data is the cornerstone of reliable business planning and corporate performance management. Heterogeneous data files and unreliable data sources impair data quality, but LucaNet’s corporate performance management solution can restore a financial controller’s confidence in their data.

LucaNet automatically collects, validates, and prepares data for processing. The result is a single, up-to-date version of the most important financial information – including balance sheet data, as well as the cash flow and profit and loss statement.

A Business Application Research Center (BARC) survey of customers using a FPM solution confirmed that LucaNet is the undisputed leader when it comes to automated data transfer and preparation.

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Achieve full data integrity

Do you spend too much time racking your brains over confusing results because of problems with your data? Consider that a thing of the past. LucaNet follows the single source of truth approach, offering the ideal solution for standardizing your figures from internal and external accounting sources. The result is reliable data everyone can trust.

LucaNet stores and processes all controlling, planning, and group accounting data in one system in real time. All changes are recorded using an integrated document-based revision log, while a smart access management system with different read and write access permissions provide full transparency and an easy means of monitoring your entire financial controlling process.

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LucaNet's single source of truth approach
LucaNet's single source of truth approach

Save time on detailed analysis

Transparent analysis
Transparent analysis

Preparing annual reports is a daunting and complex project for many companies, which often involves a lot of manual work and inevitable mistakes.

LucaNet provides you with up-to-date, accurate information when you need it most. The software supports you perfectly across every stage of the process, from collecting data to validation, consolidation, and producing your final report. Say goodbye to wasting time with manual tasks and error-prone synchronization processes. Now you will be able to use your scarce resources to generate valuable findings from your analyses which you can then use to improve your business’s performance.

Automate financial reporting

Do you need to be able to look at all your financial data at a glance? Do you need to be able to quickly prepare data in different reporting formats for different stakeholders?

Automate your disclosure management with SmartNotes, a solution provided by our partner AMANA consulting. Whether you want to produce a group annual report, a report for the supervisory bodies, or an internal performance report – the combination of LucaNet and SmartNotes will support you through the process. All data is collected and collated in a single system. It is easy to integrate different formats and tables. Charts, figures, and text can be quickly combined.

The dedicated permissions management concept allows different users to edit different parts of a report at the same time. Changes are then automatically implemented across all structures, making it easy to publish your report in no time.

Get in touch to learn more about disclosure management with LucaNet and SmartNotes.

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Disclosure management with LucaNet and SmartNotes
Disclosure management with LucaNet and SmartNotes


“As the person responsible in project controlling, I am always asked: “How exactly do you arrive at the figures?” LucaNet provides all the key data clearly, transparently, and reproducibly. Instead of having to work with a number of Excel lists, I can reliably generate all the figures from a standardized system. It makes planning and consolidating fun again!”

Christian Dorn, Project Controlling Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau GmbH

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