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Successful business valuation can be so simple for CFOs – with an IT solution that helps them to develop a successful business strategy, minimize compliance risks, rise above the competition, and increase the productivity of their processes.

Find out how professional software for modern financial controlling can help you. You can also check out our case studies to read about the experiences of CFOs who have actually used LucaNet.

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Reap these benefits

✓ Reliable data

One application for every aspect of internal and external reporting, financial controlling, and accounting (that single source of truth)

✓ Process optimization

Maximum automation at every stage of the process

✓ Compliance with regulatory requirements

Standardized, tried and tested data model that complies with all legal requirements (individual/consolidated financial statements)

✓ Tried-and-tested security

Maximum data quality, certified according to the IDW PS 880 and ISAE 3000 auditing standards, as well as assured compliance with the German principles of true and fair accounting.

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What our customers say

"I’m very impressed with LucaNet as a product. 90% of what I’ve done, I have been able to figure out myself. The reporting capabilities are excellent, and, in my opinion, the end result is world-class reporting capability."

Mark Pritchard, Chief Financial Officer of Data-Mail, Inc.

Develop strategies that work

Does your finance department feel increasingly overwhelmed by the complexity of the inconsistent data it receives when it’s time to put together the annual statements? Are you losing too much time manually compressing and preparing data so it can be used ­– time that you should be dedicating to more important aspects of your business? Use LucaNet to create a database to help you make reliable operative and strategic decisions.

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Clean data for strategic decisions
Clean data for strategic decisions

Minimize compliance risks

Security tested with LucaNet
Security tested with LucaNet

Look forward to a less stressful future. LucaNet’s Financial Performance Management solution provides CFOs with the assurance of risk-free financial controlling.

The complexity of national and even international accounting standards poses financial managers with new and changing challenges every single day. As a CFO, you are obligated to incorporate compliance aspects into your accounting processes. Tight regulations and complex legislation from a variety of sources make this far from easy. Failure to comply with obligations or submitting inaccurate financial statements can also present major liability risks. Of course, the resulting loss of image can also have a serious long-term impact on a business’s reputation and long-term success.

With LucaNet, you rely on the market leader in financial controlling and consolidation. Our software is certified for the PS 880 and ISAE 3000 audit standards, ensuring it is compatible with all the principles of proper accounting. Start reaping the benefits of a reliable and transparent management reporting system and ensure your organization is ready for the future.

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Protect your competitive edge

All businesses have the same objectives: beat the competition and be first to unlock your market potential. LucaNet software gives your business a key competitive edge. Your team can easily and efficiently retrieve the reliable data you need to make informed decisions faster. Potential irregularities are identified early, ensuring the figures you get can be trusted.

This makes it much faster to create financial statements as it cuts out the time wasted searching for inconsistent entries. Data is then automatically compressed and processed based on a set of rules. This is behind the unprecedented level of process automation in LucaNet’s CPM solution, making your financial controlling teams faster and more effective – and your organization more efficient and better able to make the right decisions.

Competitive advantages with LucaNet
Competitive advantages with LucaNet

Optimize efficiency and productivity

Coordinated processes with LucaNet
Coordinated processes with LucaNet

Are statutory reporting and financial statements causing you stress? Are you wasting time with slow and error-prone manual processes? Do you have trouble getting the data you need on time, and when you get it, do you sometimes even doubt it’s even reliable? If that sounds like you, the LucaNet Corporate Performance Management solution can help.

LucaNet addresses these challenges with a sophisticated process with automatic and continuous data validation and approval by all relevant parties. Meet all statutory reporting requirements and produce monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements in no time with a fraction of the hassle. Reliable data, full transparency, and real-time updates mean you can start planning with precision.


"LucaNet impressed us with the software’s ease of operation, how quickly we were able to integrate the reporting systems, and the reliability of the data. The drill down to ledger accounts feature is particularly helpful when we are analyzing our figures."

Erwin Gutensohn, CFO VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG

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