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LucaNet 12 LTS has arrived

A year has passed since the release of LucaNet 11 LTS. In the meantime, the LucaNet 12 release train has brought forth a lot of exciting new features that we've now incorporated into the latest long-term support release of the LucaNet software.

LucaNet 12 LTS offers a great many innovations and enhancements that will make your processes simpler and more efficient in data collection and IC reconciliation, consolidated financial statements, financial planning, and reporting. Here, we’d like to give you an overview of a few select highlights.

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A consolidation solution for every special case

Consolidating with LucaNet
Consolidating with LucaNet

LucaNet 12 LTS includes a refined solution for creating consolidated financial statements. Take advantage of the enhancements and new features that provide greater flexibility, automation, and transparency in the consolidation process.

Two apps have also been added to the new consolidation logic integrated into LucaNet.

App for elimination of income from investments

  • With this app, you can consolidate income from investments that is accrued during a company's association with its group.

App for creating reports on the results of deconsolidation

  • This app enables you to better track and transparently document the divestiture of a company from a consolidation area.

In the solution for creating consolidated financial statements, you can also look forward to various enhancements to our existing apps, such as the inclusion of US GAAP in the app for equity elimination.

Creating consolidated financial statements with LucaNet

Improved workflow management for data collection and IC reconciliation

Since efficiency and coordination are particularly crucial in the process of IC reconciliation, this LucaNet solution has also been optimized.

  • Along with the predefined milestones IC data collection completed and IC reconciliation completed, there are now user-defined milestones that make it possible to divide up the Collect task in much more granular and individualized ways.
  • These milestones are maintained in the data file and can be linked to any number of rules.

The underlying enhancements thus facilitate much more precise planning, controlling, and tracking of decentralized employees’ activities in editing the data file.

IC reconciliation in LucaNet

An easier means of data collection and IC reconciliation
An easier means of data collection and IC reconciliation

Achieve improved data protection through task-oriented user administration

New user administration features in LucaNet
New user administration features in LucaNet

With LucaNet 12 LTS, task-oriented user administration is possible. A distinction is now made between the functional and technical administration of the LucaNet software.

From now on, the assignment of permissions to technical administrators will be governed by a separate user administration system in LucaNet.Server Administrator and the new Server Administrator user type.

This enhancement facilitates task-oriented assignment of roles and permissions, along with better protection of your data and/or system from unauthorized access. As a result, you’ll be much more able to accommodate the requirements of complex company authorization systems.

Learn more about the intelligent technology behind LucaNet:

The software architecture of LucaNet

Find out how easy finance can be with LucaNet 12 LTS

✓ Financial intelligence

With LucaNet, you’ll be mapping all financial processes reliably and in a ready-to-use data model. This means that you’ll be 100% compliant with national and international accounting standards at all times. No additional programming work is required.

Transparent data

In LucaNet, you can validate all your data and trace them from the group level back to their origin. That means you’ll have precise and traceable financial data at hand.


Maximum certainty

With LucaNet, you’ll benefit from maximum security. You can rely on high quality data and will be working with a data base that you can trust when making decisions.

Global solutions

Take advantage of LucaNet's multilingual interface, its simple presentation of different currencies, and its compliance with all the major national and international accounting standards, such as HGB (German Commercial Code), IFRS, and US GAAP.

Faster financial results

By applying integrated rules, LucaNet automates the entire process of consolidation, planning, reporting, and analysis. This means you’ll reach your goal faster and, most importantly, error-free.


✓ Ease of use

Users value LucaNet software for being intuitive, flexible, and simple to use. New corporate structures can easily be added by professionals without IT support.

What our customers say

Mark Pritchard, Data-Mail, Inc.

I’m very impressed with LucaNet as a product. (...) The reporting capabilities are excellent, and, in my opinion, the end result is world-class reporting capability.

Mark Pritchard

Chief Financial Officer
Data-Mail, Inc.

Case Study
Ulrich Leib, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH

LucaNet helps to create a profit and loss account, balance sheet and liquidity planning by ready-to-use planning forms at the push of a button.

Ulrich Leib

Head of Controlling
Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH

Case Study

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