Efficient Financial Controlling for CFOs

The changes in the role of the modern CFO in this day and age present them with a series of complex and multifaceted challenges that they must confront. In addition to operative activities relating to financial controlling, accounting, and reporting, their job is increasingly characterized by aspects of strategic business management, investment planning, and compliance and risk-related issues – not to mention the digitalization of the finance sector as a whole.

Roman Rade, Consultant at LucaNet AG, has identified four key challenges facing modern CFOs. In this white paper, he describes how these challenges impact working practice in the field of finance. He also provides valuable tips on how to tackle each challenge, and shows how a professional software solution can help.

  • Challenge 1: Utilizing the potential of digitalization
  • Challenge 2: Complying with new regulations
  • Challenge 3: Taking sustainability reporting into account
  • Challenge 4: Fullfilling a more complex role
Author Roman Rade
Efficient Financial Controlling for CFOs

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