Disclosure Management

Software to the rescue for efficient annual reports

Your guide for successful disclosure management

At the end of the fiscal year, many companies are confronted with the same picture: The finance team is working full steam ahead to put the finishing touches on financial statements and generate reports to be able to provide transparent information on the company's financial position to a wide range of stakeholders. It's a hectic process. Countless Excel tables have to be prepared, merged, validated, and examined for sources of error. As the deadline for internal and external reporting creeps ever closer, it becomes all the more nerve-racking for many employees in the finance department. This process, also known in the financial world as the "Last Mile of Finance", proves to be the most stressful time of the year for many finance teams.

So, what are the success factors for successful disclosure management? We show you how you can use expert software to master upcoming challenges in a more relaxed manner in the future.

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