19.11.2018 - Simply fast – LucaNet migrates to Java 11

With its new LucaNet 11 LTS release, LucaNet, provider of financial performance management software, has carried off the migration from Java 8 to Java 11 at lightning speed. In connection with the conversion, the Berlin-based software firm has developed the so-called LucaNet.Software Manager, which kick-starts LucaNet programs with ease and keeps them up-to-date. The current release also includes numerous new functions and enhancements that make daily work that much easier.

Oracle's announcement in March of this year that it was to change its release policy made a big splash in the Java community. Oracle will not only be ceasing free public support for Java 8, but will also be discontinuing Java Web Start. Just two months after general availability of Java 11, the long-term support version from Oracle released in September, LucaNet has managed to migrate all of its software components from Java 8 to Java 11.

And with LucaNet.Software Manager – quite the unique specimen in the Java community – every LucaNet program (from server-side services to client-side desktop applications) can be centrally managed and kept up-to-date. All installation and update processes can be easily initiated and administrated from its intuitive user interface.


LucaNet 11 LTS – more than just technological innovation under the hood

With this and the migration to Java 11 shortly after the official release, LucaNet once again demonstrates its claim to leadership in technology and innovation.

Rolf-Jürgen Moll, CTO of the LucaNet Group: “We are immensely proud to be a first mover in the Java community and for already having completely migrated our software to Java 11 and the new Java module system. Not to mention that our new LucaNet.Software Manager is not only a complete, but also a better replacement for Java Web Start. Particular respect needs to be paid to our developers seeing that they produced an unthinkable amount of work in such a short amount of time. With LucaNet 11 LTS, both we and our customers are well and truly prepared for the future.”

In addition, LucaNet 11 LTS offers a comprehensive service package consisting of even more user-friendliness and improved performance. On top of the many technological innovations that are invisible to the user, LucaNet 11 LTS contains numerous functions and enhancements that are key to simplifying daily work in the finance role. This includes the new user role concept that goes to ensure more traceability and transparency. The consolidation process, for its part, has also been further automated and simplified.