19.11.2014 - Partnership cubed: arcplan and LucaNet pool their expertise in planning, consolidation and analysis

Together towards more powerful solutions, more efficient business processes and more satisfied customers: arcplan and LucaNet have agreed to form a strategic and technological partnership to achieve these shared goals. The leading innovative software provider of business intelligence (BI) and planning solutions arcplan and the experts for consolidation and financial planning at LucaNet have formed an alliance which impacts various partner areas.

As part of the partnership, "Simply Finance", a product based on arcplan and LucaNet, which offers users a standardised, ready-to-use set of pre-defined financial reports compliant with the HICHERT®IBCS standard, will be available with immediate effect.

Both providers have already been cooperating for some time in joint customer projects. arcplan was looking for a partner to offer a consolidation package for arcplan Edge and its integrated planning solution.
This central budgeting, planning and forecasting (BP&F) software enables companies to optimise their planning processes and shorten budget cycles.
arcplan Edge automates time and labour-intensive planning processes via web-based reports, scorecards and more transparent processes.

The solutions of both providers complement one another ideally: While LucaNet offers a certified out-of-the-box solution for the entire financial sector, arcplan features many planning and analysis functions.

Examples include production and HR planning, as well as reporting and analytic functions such as standard reports, dashboards and scorecards.
The two applications also match one another perfectly when it comes to technology. For example, a LucaNet Certified Interface allows you to access all financial data in LucaNet from arcplan.

"Another advantage was and remains that both companies came together on equal footing," explains Steffen Weissbarth, COO at arcplan.
Both providers want to impress with powerful and innovative software solutions, which fulfil the strict regulatory stipulations, in addition to all customer requirements.

"We are delighted with the special partnership with LucaNet, as we now offer our customers comprehensive planning, consolidation and analysis products together," adds Weissbarth. He goes on to say that LucaNet software is very easy to use and can even be used by employees without IT skills. Weissbarth adds that it can also be rolled out very fast, and has the additional advantage of full integration of financial planning and legal consolidation in a single data model.

In turn, LucaNet benefits from the proven and highly-flexible arcplan business intelligence platform, which over 3,200 customers already use and appreciate worldwide. "arcplan complements the LucaNet software ideally," explains Dominik Duchon, member of the Executive Board at LucaNet. "By combining our core areas of expertise, we create a powerful overall solution for our customers – giving them the best of both worlds." As a result, both companies remain true to their respective performance promises: "Simply intelligent" and "It simply works" – what matters is that customers reach their objectives.

About arcplan

arcplan is a leading innovative software provider of business intelligence, dashboard, corporate performance and planning solutions for mobile and stationary applications. Since 1993, arcplan has helped over 3,200 customers worldwide to make best use of their existing IT infrastructure to provide better support for decisions. Giving all users simple access to relevant information and promoting cooperation are the most important success factors for improving corporate performance. With arcplan - it simply works.