15.09.2015 - LucaNet reports 19% more turnover in the first half year

Mybet, Surteco, Formel D, IDT Biologika and DSI Holding are only a few of the 110 new customers won by LucaNet in the first half year. Together with the 19% increase in turnover and 20 new hires, the enterprise maintains the successful outcome of the previous year. LucaNet managed to exceed the 10 million Euro turnover limit for the first time in 2014. As a result, the Berlin-based software provider is placed as the 12th leading business intelligence provider in Germany according to the latest Lünendonk business intelligence study.

International progression
Success stories are not only found at LucaNet in Germany. The China office celebrated its 5th birthday in 2015 and LucaNet software is being implemented at client sites like the Agricultural Bank of China, OPPLE Lighting and Shanghai Automotive Gear Works since the beginning of this year — each being the sector's leading enterprise in the country.

LucaNet is also pleased with the business development at the Austrian and French offices, both opening during the first quarter of 2015. The most recent LucaNet (UK) office opened at the beginning of September, joining the branch offices of Vienna and Paris. Initial British clients come from the information technology and tourism branches.

Oliver Schmitz, member of the LucaNet Executive Board, expressed his delight at the results so far and also regarding news about an additional award presented during the first half of the year: his consultants were awarded the "Top Consultant" prize for the third time. "We are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far and have already made lots of plans for the future!"