25.04.2016 - LucaNet and proALPHA to partner on technology

It can take a long time to get from entering single postings in financial accounting to preparing consolidated financial statements and then finally to developing integrated, consolidated financial planning, with a real danger of errors occurring along the way. Having set themselves the goal of simplifying this process and keeping it transparent and consistent, LucaNet and proALPHA are making this a reality in the form of a comprehensive technological partnership.

This collaboration between the companies is underpinned by the interface between their two systems, which enables data to be exchanged via web services. This allows any master and transaction data that relate to individual companies and that are stored in proALPHA to be retrieved from LucaNet and then used to prepare consolidated financial statements and develop integrated financial plans. All postings transferred from proALPHA, including the associated postings scanned in from the integrated document management system, can thus be called up and displayed from LucaNet directly. In other words, combining the two systems gives the user a complete solution – not only does it cover all elements of financial controlling, it also guarantees a unique degree of transparency and flexibility. In fact, such is proALPHA's faith in the partnership and the breadth of services it can offer that it switched the preparation of its own consolidated financial statements to LucaNet a few weeks ago. 

“We're delighted to have found such an expert partner in LucaNet”, said Andree Stachowski, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at proALPHA. “We've now got a consolidation specialist on board that complements our own range perfectly.”

Dominik Duchon, a member of the Executive Board at LucaNet AG, is equally pleased about the partnership: “As one of Germany's leading ERP providers, proALPHA shares our understanding of quality and functionality. The cooperation between our two companies will give users much greater flexibility and assurance.”
About proALPHA
The proALPHA group is the third-largest provider of ERP services to manufacturing and trading SMEs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For more than 20 years, proALPHA has offered a powerful ERP solution as well as consulting, support, training and maintenance services from a single source. A flexible and scalable complete solution for ERP, proALPHA features a wide range of functions that enable all processes to be controlled along the value-added chain. This benefits some 1,800 SME customers in 50 countries who work in all manner of different sectors, including plant and systems engineering, electrical and high-tech, metalworking, plastics, wholesale and the automotive and supply industries.

With 30 subsidiaries and certified partners worldwide and over 800 employees, the rapidly growing company ensures it remains close to its customers at all times. More than 100 software developers are constantly expanding and improving the proALPHA solution, resulting in the company being named a leading SME innovator no fewer than eight times. This innovation is also being driven by partnerships with renowned research institutions such as Fraunhofer, Software-Cluster, RWTH Aachen University and SmartFactoryKL. Its many different language- and country-specific versions make the ERP provider an attractive partner for companies operating on an international scale.