18.02.2015 - 27% more: LucaNet manages to increase its sales again and looks back on a successful year 2014

"It is remarkable that we have achieved yet another great result in 2014," rejoices Dominik Duchon, member of the Management Board at LucaNet AG. According to the Lünendonk market survey "Business Intelligence as Core Competency", the Berlin-based software provider is one of the few companies that have managed to increase their sales above average over the past years. In figures, this means a growth of 19.4% on average for the last five years. The acquisition of new customers for this period is on average 170. In 2014, 180 new companies could be won over, including names such as the TV chef Sarah Wiener, Home24 GmbH, ACO Group, Hummel AG and TechniSat Digital GmbH.
The company's growth is not just reflected in the sales figures. In July 2014 a subsidiary was founded in Switzerland and with the number of staff going up 12% the company is well prepared for the future. After all, the company will have to on the one hand live up to the optimistic forecasts for the BI market and on the other build on the successes of 2014. Awards received by LucaNet in 2014 like "TOP CONSULTANT" and the seal of quality "Software Hosted in Germany" serve as an incentive for the future.