Implementing your business intelligence solution

Did you think LucaNet was just a provider of an excellent solution for business intelligence in accounting? We've actually got plenty more to offer.

Whether you need professional sales, production or personnel controlling, our certified consultants will come up with a tailor-made BI solution that perfectly suits your individual needs.

Our range of options includes:

  • Automation of your existing management reports
  • Individual, ad-hoc analyses for as yet unanswered questions

We will transfer your data from a wide range of source systems into a consistent database, which you can then use to create your reports and analyses based on the information required. We will assist you with this project right from the start, and continue to offer consulting and training after its completion.

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A tailor-made BI solution can open up a whole world of possibilities.
A tailor-made BI solution can open up a whole world of possibilities.

Integration into your business intelligence solution

But we can also offer support if you are already using an existing BI solution.

Our software for business intelligence in accounting is designed to be integrated seamlessly into any business intelligence environment. In an company-wide BI solution, LucaNet can take over the role of the financial data warehouse. This provides you with an extensive database, which you can use to complement your reporting environment with special project requirements for integrated business planning and legal consolidation.

Our expert consultants will help you to implement your BI project. Whether you are working with new or existing BI environments, we can help you to choose the right business intelligence solution or integrate the LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server into your existing BI tool. Our consulting team have already demonstrated their technical and specialist knowledge over the course of many complex BI projects.