Straightforward intercompany reconciliation is not a dream – it’s reality
Break free of the jungle of unreconciled data and simplify your intercompany reconciliation

Data collection and intercompany reconciliation made easy

There are enormous challenges for finance departments when collecting and validating corporate data. Often this entails a very tedious process with many manual steps, numerous e-mails, and countless rounds of clarification. Data collection is handled mainly using Excel files and their constant maintenance is exceedingly tedious. It is also impossible for changes to be made on the spur of the moment; transparency about the state of completion is very low. With LucaNet, you’ll be relying on professional software that will give you optimal support in the collection, validation, and reconciliation of company data. Your job will be made easier because using the web-based software module allows your companies to collect actual and planning data, to validate the input, and to clarify any discrepancies –immediately, simply, and independently.

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Perfectly reconciled data

Simply faster
time savings for IC reconciliation
Simply more transparent
traceable data

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Simply efficient
less FTEs

LucaNet User Survey 2018

How software for data collection makes your life easier

A quicker way to reconciled data

With LucaNet, you’ll have the reconciled data that you need for your consolidated financial statements faster. The decentralized IC reconciliation is performed automatically by the system. Your reporting units can clarify their discrepancies with each other immediately. The parent company itself is involved only occasionally.

Maximum data quality

With LucaNet, you can rely on your data. Along with IC reconciliation, the data collected is automatically validated and checked for consistency by the software, and check routines can be individually defined.

Easy to use

Professional users can easily set up and update the report layout. Updates to this are made centrally for all reporting units; changes can be made without hassle even after figures have been sent in. The reporting units work with a web-based system, which ensures that the data are collected smoothly and securely.

Simplified workflow

LucaNet’s integrated task management makes the job easier both for the reporting units – the subsidiaries and branches – and for the parent company. This is the case both when looking at the data files being sent out by the parent and with the simple access to data collection by the reporting units.

Rapid ROI

LucaNet pays off: The solution can be easily rolled out with your reporting units and will soon lead to a significant increase in efficiency, thanks to the shorter collection and reconciliation time periods.

Highest level of transparency

Armed with LucaNet, you, as the responsible partner at HQ, will have a complete overview of the progress of data collection and process steps that still need to be carried out. This is made possible by the integrated status monitor and your access rights to all data files, which allow you to respond to delays quickly while still retaining full control.

Easily manage the process of data collection

Reporting setup
  • LucaNet provides an intuitive interface for setting up data files.
  • The contents can be freely defined by the user.
  • Changes are made in a centralized fashion for all reporting units.
  • The layout can easily be modified by users at any time.
Dispatch of templates
  • Dispatch of the reporting packages to the person in charge at the reporting units via the LucaNet task management feature.
  • The tasks are generated automatically by the system.
  • Communication with the reporting units on deadlines for data submission is handled using task milestones.
  • The reporting units are automatically informed via e-mail notification about the new task.
  • It is also possible to provide additional information (instructions for completion, supplementary documents) within the task.
  • There is no longer any need to send bulky Excel files via e-mail.
Data collection
  • In addition to entering their data manually, the reporting units can also import it into LucaNet.Group Report from the source system or from MS Excel.
  • Everyone works using a standardized, intuitive interface for data collection.
  • Explanations and comments can be entered in separate fields.
  • The parent company can see the current status of data collection at any time.
  • Automatic validation of all data.
IC reconciliation
  • IC reconciliation is automatically carried out after all companies have entered their IC data.
  • Different processes are available: reconciliation in the transaction currency, in the group currency, or at the posting level.
  • Simple clarification of discrepancies directly between the subsidiaries.
Data validation
  • The status monitor provides alerts by showing, for example, if all validation rules have been met, or whether there are still IC discrepancies that need to be clarified.
  • Tedious checking of the individual Excel reporting packages is no longer necessary.
Data approval
  • Approval of the entire reporting package by the person responsible for reporting at the reporting unit using the task management feature.
Transmission of data to the parent
  • Once data collection has been completed, the parent company automatically receives an e-mail notification via the task management feature and can access the data directly.
Data transfer for consolidation
  • Easy transfer into the group structures of the reconciled and validated data from all companies
  • Everything available in one FPM solution

Automate the data collection and validation process, as well as IC reconciliation

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What makes LucaNet unique

Rapid implementation

LucaNet is quickly implemented both at the parent company and at the reporting units. Everyone involved in the process works with a standardized and very intuitive user interface.

By finance, for finance

LucaNet.Group Report has been 100% specifically tailored by specialists for use in finance departments. You’ll receive reconciled data in a timely manner, ensuring that you will be well equipped to compile pending consolidated financial statements.

100% real-time

Our software works in real time, meaning that effects from changes made are mapped in real time across the entire data model. That means you’ll receive the reconciled data you need for the consolidated financial statements even faster and in a more reliable way.