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You don’t need to be a wizard to set up a consistent reporting system that works like magic.

Standardized reporting with smart software

The increasing complexity of statutory requirements in accounting has led to a growing need among businesses for internal and external financial reporting. Transparent financial data needs to be prepared even faster for the various stakeholders – whether in the form of standard reports, management reports, or group reporting. Often important data are held in different stand-alone solutions by internal departments. The situation is also made more difficult by inconsistent reporting structures, with different levels of detail and time frames. With a professional solution for financial reporting, you’ll receive an overview of the relevant financial data in future and will finally have more time to focus on analyzing the data. And that’s a factor which is crucial to proactive business management.

Data Mail Inc.: "The reporting capabilities are excellent and, in my opinion, the end result is world-class reporting capability."

Optimize your financial reporting

Simply faster
time savings in reporting
Easy to use
self-explanatory software
Simply more transparent
traceable data

How reporting software makes your life easier

Faster reporting

LucaNet provides you with preconfigured reports and evaluations that can easily and intuitively be adapted to your business’s own specific requirements. That means you can inform your stakeholders quickly and comprehensively.

Transparent visualization

All figures appear with one click in a clear manner using graphical comparisons and diagrams.

Easy to manage

With the management cockpit, you’ll find a freely configurable workspace in which the most important information from all other reports is shown at a glance.

Maximum integration

All reporting figures can be exported from LucaNet directly into MS Excel. Freely configurable templates for external and internal accounting can be completed with the latest figures from the database at the push of a button.

All KPIs at a glance

LucaNet makes it possible to automatically calculate relevant indicators that can then easily be integrated into all of the reports, as well as into the central management cockpit.

Comprehensive analysis

Take advantage of LucaNet’s multidimensional analysis options: The underlying in-memory OLAP database allows you to calculate all kinds of flexible breakdowns based on different dimension elements.

Learn more about the reporting functions of LucaNet:

Reporting in LucaNet

Your pathway to reporting success

Data collection
  • Collating and integrating the data
Data processing
  • Integrating the data in a central location
  • Mapping the data into standardized structures
  • Creating a consistent dataset for your reporting
Report preparation
  • Easy preparation of internal and external reports
  • Automatic completion of standard reports (in LucaNet via LucaNet.Excel-Add-In or LucaNet.Excel-Reporting)
Report dispatch
  • Dispatching of the reports you have generated to internal and external recipients
  • Providing easy access to internal reports within the business
    • Configurable permissions system with read access for particular sections and dimensions
    • Internal recipients of reports benefit from the system’s flexible and straightforward analysis options
Analysis and evaluation
  • Flexible ad hoc analysis of freely configurable comparative views, including graphic display
  • Input of comments – e.g. for deviating analyses
  • Transparent presentation of different detailed drill downs within the multidimensional database

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What makes LucaNet unique

Rapid implementation

LucaNet lets you get to work because the system can be integrated easily into your existing IT infrastructure and is ready to use within just a few days, allowing you to start using your professional reporting system right away.

By finance, for finance

LucaNet has been designed to meet all your financial needs. The solution is not limited to just one aspect of accounting, but is designed for handling the entire process in one system without having to change formats – from data transfer right through to the finished report.

100% real-time

With LucaNet, you’ll generate your reports with one click. The relevant data can be updated and visualized in a fraction of a second. The result is reliable, real-time information for your reporting.