It's time to automate your consolidated financial statement.
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Financial consolidation software that automates your fast close

For many businesses, preparing consolidated financial statements is a time-consuming, manual process that is prone to error as a result. Often MS Excel or other systems are the default tools, which prove inadequate when it comes to compiling robust financial statements necessary during an audit. With LucaNet, you’ll have software that fully covers all regulatory requirements for consolidated financial statements in one standardized solution. Our software will guide you as a professional in a focused way through the entire process of preparing the consolidated financial statements, with integrated automated procedures making every single step that much easier.

Simplify your consolidated financial statements

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LucaNet User Survey 2018

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How consolidation software makes your life easier

Faster financial consolidation

With LucaNet, you as the project manager have a much lighter manual workload thanks to the automation of many process steps. You can use your available resources more efficiently and are able to obtain auditable financial statements faster (that fast close!).

Maximum data quality

With LucaNet, you’ll obtain the highest possible data quality. Errors that generally originate from manual input are avoided, thanks to automated processes and integrated validation routines.

Easy to use

LucaNet allows you as the professional user to administrate the entire system by yourself. This means you are completely independent of your IT department and us as the vendor, giving you maximum ability to take action in an era when time constraints in financial reporting are becoming tighter and tighter.

Simplified workflow

With LucaNet, you’ll be using a multilingual and multi-user capable solution that can be rolled out internationally. You can rely on LucaNet to support you throughout all steps in the process. Using the integrated task management function, you will always have a complete overview of the current state of the preparation process of the consolidated financial statements.

Rapid ROI

LucaNet pays off: The solution can be easily rolled out with your reporting units and will quickly lead to a significant increase in efficiency, thanks to shorter collection and reconciliation times.

Highest level of transparency

With LucaNet, every number can be traced back to the underlying business transactions with just a few clicks of the mouse, regardless of whether it’s located on the balance sheet, P&L, or cash flow. The ability to drill down right through to the level of the individual posting/source document for both actual and planning figures ensures complete transparency.

Consolidated financial statements with confidence

Consolidation area
  • Easy setup and definition of the relevant consolidation areas, including sub-groups, segments, and so on
Charts of accounts
  • Simple maintenance and setup of account structures by the professional user (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, schedule, etc.)
Data transfer
  • Direct access to the source system/financial accounting (200 preconfigured interfaces, e.g. SAP, MS Dynamics Navision, Sage, Diamant, proALPHA, Datev etc.)
Validation and IC reconciliation
  • System-side, freely configurable validation of the transferred data
  • Enrichment of data with missing information (disclosures, IC data, transaction types for schedules, etc.)
  • System-supported intercompany reconciliation on the transaction currency level
  • Status monitor for overseeing the process
Currency translation
  • System-supported currency translation in accordance with all common processes
  • Automatic presentation of all delta currency effects
  • Retrieval of exchange rates from the European Central Bank (ECB)
  • Display of historical exchange rates
Accounting principles
  • Posting focus means straightforward collection of reconciliation postings (under group accounting policies, IFRS, US GAAP, etc.)
  • Simultaneous presentation of P&L and balance sheet structures
  • System-supported validation of all postings generated
  • Seamless documentation by means of a change log
Consolidation run
  • Completely automated consolidation run across all consolidation steps (equity elimination, elimination of intercomany debt, income and expense, elimination of intercompany profit and loss), and across group structures of any depth (legal consolidation, consolidation by segments etc.)
Quality assurance
  • System-supported status reports for quality assurance
Financial reporting
  • Automatic generation of reports
  • Print-ready annual report preparation with SmartNotes

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What makes LucaNet unique

Rapid implementation

No Financial Performance Management solution in the marketplace can be implemented faster than LucaNet. The intuitive user interface means no extensive training is required. Consolidating just got fun again!

By finance, for finance

LucaNet speaks the language of professionals. The entire logic behind the software has been conceived in such a way that all professional requirements are fully covered so that consolidated financial statements can be prepared efficiently.

100% real-time

The effects of any changes are calculated and shown in real time across the entire data model – the result being a faster preparation of your error-free consolidated financial statements.