Integrated financial planning can be so simple
Say goodbye to disconnected planning solutions.

Using the right software to create the perfect financial plan

Balance sheet and cashflow planning, budget planning and forecasting: For many businesses, the planning process is a time-consuming process, associated with manually entering a large amount of data into different, non-standardized documents. It should hardly be surprising that errors creep in during the process. Frequently, the process relies on MS Excel, even though it has only limited suitability as a tool for planning and controlling. The result? Many enterprises restrict themselves to planning only for their profit or loss. Balance sheet and cash flow planning or budget planning and forecasting are either ignored entirely or only partially considered. However, planning experts have long been aware that an integrated planning model is an absolute prerequisite for effectively and successfully managing a business.

No More Excel Nightmares at Basic-Fit

Optimize your financial planning

Simply more accurate
improved planning transparency
Simply more efficient
savings in resources
Simply faster
increase in time savings

How financial planning software makes your life easier

Get started faster

The direct connection to your source system and the automation of many process steps makes it possible: You’ll minimize your manual workload while using the resources you have available more efficiently, meaning that you’ll arrive at your complete and coherent planning model faster.

Work independently

Professional software for balance sheet and cashflow planning, budget planning and forecasting empowers you as a professional to administrate and modify the entire system by yourself. For you, that means complete independence from your IT department. You can now adjust your planning in all its facets independently.

Adherence to deadlines

Professional planning software is designed as a multi-user capable solution that can be rolled out around the world, providing you with support you can rely on to carry out all steps of the process. Using the integrated task management feature, you’ll always be able to keep an eye on the overall process and can seamlessly bring in individual planning participants. That means you’ll reach your goal faster.

Reliable numbers

In an ideal financial planning solution, every number can be traced back to the underlying business transactions and planning assumptions with just a few clicks of the mouse. The ability to drill down right through to the level of the individual posting/source document ensures full transparency of the data, both in the world of planning and reality.

Take control of large volumes of data

As a financial planner, you need to collect, analyze, and interpret large volumes of data. That’s a task that can’t be handled by Excel. By using expert software for balance sheet and cashflow planning, budget planning and forecasting, you can easily process large volumes of data for financial planning, consolidation, and reporting.

Manage data holistically

By combining your planning solution with the LucaNet.Financial Consolidation module, you’ll add professional consolidation functions to your planning solution. This means you can quickly and easily derive your group planning from your business planning.

Your pathway to success in planning

Definition of the data model
  • Definition of the planning elements (locations, cost centers, projects, customers, etc.)
  • Definition of the planning period
Transfer of actual data
  • Import of actual data from the relevant source systems
Setup of sub-plans
  • Sub-plans comprising planning for sales, expenses, investments, borrowing, etc.
  • Preconfigured templates to represent all sub-plans
Implementation of planning
  • Centralized or decentralized collection of planning data
Integration of sub-plans
  • Aggregation of planning data from the individual plans to make one overall plan
Balance sheet and liquidity planning
  • Transition into integrated balance sheet and liquidity planning
  • Definition of payment modalities
  • Transition from actual to planning status of open items
Group planning
  • If necessary, intra-group reconciliation of planning runs from all individual companies into a group planning run.
  • Generation of evaluations and reports
Scenarios and forecasts
  • Representation of scenarios and updates over the course of the year to planning (forecast)

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What makes LucaNet unique

Rapid implementation

With LucaNet, you can rely on software for your planning processes that is easy to introduce. You can simply start working and focus on what really matters in planning and analysis – from balance sheet and cashflow planning to budget planning, scenario planning and forecasting.

By finance, for finance

LucaNet was designed to meet the special needs of finance teams. Whether you need integrated financial planning, forecasting, scenario planning, or operative (budget) planning – LucaNet’s planning software will provide you with a comprehensive view of your financial data.

100% real-time

Impacts on profit and loss and liquidity from changes made to original planning data are automated in LucaNet and are shown immediately. This increases the accuracy and flexibility of your analysis. Easily adjust structures to your planning process with software that offers you integrated financial planning as well as professional controlling.