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LucaNet software apps

Are you facing individual challenges in your (consolidated) accounting and controlling work? Do you wish you could find the right solution? No problem! LucaNet software apps offer helpful solutions for a wide range of applications, automating the relevant processes to make your day-to-day work easier. With the expanded functionality they offer, these apps are the perfect companions to the LucaNet modules.

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Calculation of deferred taxes

  • Calculation of deferred taxes in individual and consolidated financial statements in accordance with the German Commercial Code and IFRS, for both actual and forecast figures
  • Consistent representation of the value development of deferred taxes and their documentation
  • Automated generation of tax offsetting and reconciliation, with flexible configuration

Representation of leases

  • Representation of all leases in LucaNet
  • Automatically generated postings for the resulting cash flows in the respective periods at the actual and planning data levels
  • Wide range of customisation options

Cost centre allocation

  • Generation of keys using values and indicators already available in LucaNet across different data levels
  • Generation of cost centre allocation in different stages and to several accounts
  • Comparison of indicators before and after allocation

Maturity calculation

  • Evaluation of open items by category and maturity
  • Drill-down to individual document level
  • Transition of open items into the plan based on the calculated payment statistics