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Get to know the strengths of our software – from the easy integration into your existing IT infrastructure to its outstanding usability and the cutting-edge technology that helps to ensure transparency and security. Find out how you, as an IT manager and CIO, can benefit from using LucaNet. And if you want to see just how impressed our customers are with LucaNet, take a look at our case studies.

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Benefits for IT managers

✓ Usability

Users can independently make adjustments to meet changing requirements.

✓ Easy integration

Open system architecture allows seamless integration into larger systems.

✓ Pioneering technology

Use the latest powerful technology, such as LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server and multi-dimensional, in-memory databases.

✓ Security and flexibility

High security thanks to SSL encryption and range of permissions and user roles.

Data can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Minimal maintenance

IT managers must do all they can to increase efficiency in their departments. That is what makes a software solution that with only minimal maintenance requirements such a sensible investment. LucaNet’s CPM solution will allow users in your company to manage and manipulate financial data themselves, adjusting structures to changes in requirements independently as required.

Pre-defined interfaces with all commonly used source systems and facilities to connect to all conventional database systems allow users to independently and reliably import data without burdening your IT experts or the manufacturer’s support team.

LucaNet.Cloud further reduces your IT department’s workload. This software gives you global data availability – while still ensuring high security and allowing fast, reliable data transmission.

Independent management of financial data
Independent management of financial data

Open architecture for easy integration

Future-proof IT solutions
Future-proof IT solutions

As an IT manager, every day you face the challenge of ensuring adaptability, flexibility, speed and excellent usability for your company’s IT systems. At the same time, you need to maintain high security and maximum efficiency.

LucaNet’s CPM solution gives you everything you need to tackle this challenge with confidence. Its open system architecture means LucaNet can be integrated seamlessly into a wide variety of IT landscapes. Standalone solutions are a thing of the past: our software is easy to integrate into your existing IT environment, no matter the operating system. With its low hardware requirements, LucaNet can also be used for virtualisation and Citrix, and allows secure and automated client distribution.

LucaNet servers can be set up in just a few hours, minimising the load on your network. LucaNet’s CPM tool will ensure your IT architecture is ready for the future.

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State-of-the-art technology for maximum performance

When you invest in LucaNet, you are rewarded with an ultra-modern, intelligently designed software architecture to enable you to meet the corporate performance management requirements of the future.

The LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server – a specialised OLAP database with a ready-to-use, multi-dimensional data model for consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis – provides an innovative and centralised platform for our software.

What really makes it special is how it calculates every sub-step, dependency and interdependency in real-time. We have also developed an in-memory database to accelerate your data processing. This combined package offers maximum performance with maximum ease-of-use.

Real-time data processing
Real-time data processing

Compliance with strict security standards

Security and encryption with LucaNet
Security and encryption with LucaNet

Any IT manager has to think carefully about security standards. Imagine a CPM solution that offers maximum security combined with maximum performance.

Security and encryption are a natural part of LucaNet’s service. The LucaNet.Cloud offers maximum data security: all data is backed up every day in high-security data centres in Germany, transmitted exclusively over a TLS/SSL-encrypted connection. Of course, your data is also completely secure even if you choose not to use the LucaNet.Cloud – all LucaNet databases are encrypted by default, and the back-up system protects your data and databases against data loss.

A built-in access management system also provides security at the individual user level with different read and write access rights.

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“As a company with 1,300 employees all over the world, we have to work with a range of software solutions. Of all of them, LucaNet’ssoftwarehas proven to be the most efficient. We were especially impressed with how easy it was to integrate the software into our IT landscape. The latest technology and programming in Java make this software the only solution of its kind on the market. We’ve also been impressed by how fast and user-friendly it is.”

Michael Zschintzsch, Project Management, Vanguard

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