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LucaNet: software for corporate performance management

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Professional, customer-focused and forward-thinking: these are the attributes that define our approach and the expertise we have developed in financial consolidation, financial planning and financial controlling. This approach has allowed us to grow quickly since our founding in 1999, and today we enjoy our position as a leading provider of corporate performance management solutions.

Intuitive interfaces and pioneering, innovative technology have been our central considerations while developing our comprehensive software solution for financial consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis. As a growing and international company, we have plenty of ideas for the future. We want to revolutionise the business app market – but that’s just for starters ...

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Our philosophy

Our values provide focus

We are united by a passion for efficient accounting. This is what has driven the development of our intelligent software solutions for financial consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis, which have raised the bar for the entire industry.

Our commitment to innovation, growth and unrelenting customer focus have made us the leading provider in our field. Everything we do is about making our customers’ lives easier, building on an appreciation for fairness, long-term relationships, and human interaction. We continue to shape the future through innovative products and services.

Perfectionism is in our DNA

A burning desire for perfection and passion for detail provide the everyday motivation to expand the capabilities of our software. We seek to innovate, both in terms of our technology and our conceptual approach, while simultaneously maintaining exceptionally high quality standards. We are lateral thinkers who do everything to find the best solutions for our customers – questioning standard solutions and practices and turning these on their head. We focus on how things should be done, not how they are currently done.

We know our mission

We know that our technological aptitude and nose for trends will continue to be instrumental in the years to come, persisting in shaping the way corporate performance management is perceived and done. We will maintain our role an innovation leader, continuing to shake up the status quo while settings standards for the entire industry.

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