Webinar: Simply Intelligent Accounting: Consolidation, Planning and Reporting All in One

Are you still using multiple Excel sheets for consolidation, planning and reporting? Time to embrace technology now. In this short webinar we will show you how LucaNet is able to simplify and automate your financial processes on a single platform.

Group of Participants

If you are using a number of Excel sheets for your financial processes, if you are looking to improve your finance team’s work efficiency tremendously with automation, if you would like to see how future accounting should be like, you need to join this webinar.


  • Introduction of LucaNet Company and Software 
  • Real-time Integrated P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement 
  • Automated Consolidation (incl. intercompany reconciliation and shareholding changes) 
  • Planning & Forecasting  
  • Ad hoc Reporting for all your needs


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